Victims Facing Difficulties on Grant Agreement

  August 10, 2016 By: INSEC

Earthquake victims are facing difficulties on grant agreement because of not having VDC secretaries in VDCs.

The government has appointed team of technicians in villages however they are becoming jobless. VDC secretaries are given responsibility to deal with grant agreement, but out of 68 VDCs 28 of them do not have VDC secretaries which are creating difficulties for the victims according to Local Development Officer Krishna Bahdur Shahi.

The reconstruction agreement and daily work has been severely affected due to the absence of VDC secretaries in most of the VDC, said Durga Dhungel of Wale fare centre of Sindhupalchok.

The agreement process has been resumed since after a devastating earthquake on last year however only two municipality, i.e Chautara and Melamchi had an agreement and first instalment has been distributed.

Other VDcs are facing serious problem because of not having VDC secretary according to chief Bhuwaneshwor lamichhane of re construction corporation district communication office.

Nati Babu Dhital