Victims Deprived of Relief Even After A Month of Disaster

  December 3, 2021 By: INSEC

The incessant rainfall that occurred in mid-October had destroyed 21 households in Tajakot Rural Municipality-3, Maspur of Humla. Even after a month of that disaster, the team of stakeholders have not been able to reach the incident site.

Five of those houses have been completely devastated and 16 houses have been damaged beyond repair. Dan Bahadur Budha, a local of the village lamented that 21 families have been forced to spend the winter nights in tent due to lack of houses.

He added, ‘We do not have access to media, therefore no one hears our voice.’

The locals have complained that the rains had destroyed their houses as well as crops including millet, wheat, and maize. They further added that on November 16 they also submitted an application to the Maila Police Station urging for help but nobody has bothered about it.

One of the victims Keshav Bahadur Rokaya said the stakeholders should immediately take steps for relief since it is difficult for them to stay in tent during the winter of December.

Chief District Officer and Coordinator of the District Disaster Management Committee Ganesh Acharya said that the locals of Maspur village had to stay in tent due to delay in the relief initiative.

In the next few days, the police will immediately reach Maspur and collect the details of the damage, added Acharya.

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