Victim Accused Police of Refusing to Register Domestic Violence Complaint

  June 8, 2023 By: INSEC

The District Police Office Mahottari refused to register the complaint filed by Lalita Devi Mahato, 40, Bhangaha Municipality-4 against Ganesh Prasad Mahato,42, Bhangaha Municipality-4 for polygamy and abuse of her and 18-year-old daughter Alpanakumari Mahato.

The victims requested the INSEC District Representative, to take the initiative for justice.

They complained that accused Ganesh Prasad Mahato performed polygamy with Sita Chhetri,42, from Kailali, Dhangadhi who is currently residing in Kathmandu.

According to the victim, they first went to the Local Police Office, Bardiwas to file a complaint against Mahato. However, when they went to District Police Office Jaleshwar, they were refused to register a complaint.

DSP Dilip Kumar Giri, of District Police Office Mahottari, informed that the victims had come with complaints of polygamy. The police officers summoned the accused while they asked the victims to wait in the waiting room. However, when the accused arrived at the Police Office, both the victims had voluntarily left the police station.

He informed that since the incident is 14-15 years old, it is impossible to register the polygamy case without understanding from both parties. Giri said they are working to bring both parties together and discuss the issue.

The victims, on the other hand, are preparing to file a case through the Public Prosecutor’s Office, alleging that the police refused to register their case.

Mahato claimed that the allegation by his daughter and wife is false. He also said that he has been doing his responsibilities for the family. Mahato also expressed that even though his daughter tried to defame him through social media, he will never hesitate to take proper care of her.

Ajaykumar Shah