Vehicle vandalized on charge of defying Bandh

  January 3, 2018 By: INSEC

The dwellers of Dhankuta are agitated against the decision made by the government to make Biratnagar a capital of province number 1.

During the agitation the protesters have vandalized four vehicles on charge of defying the strike.

Similarly, the protestors have vandalized vehicle carrying milk on it. They vandalized the vehicle on charge of transporting passengers instead of carrying milk.

The strike will continue until Dhankuta is not make province number 1 capital according to the agitators. Transportation has been affected in Zeropoint, Atmara, Salleri and Hile Bazar of Dhankuta.

Meanwhile, police have arrested Suman Basnet of Sankhuwasabha on charge of involving in vandelization.

Normal lives of people have been severely affected by the agitation. Province parliamentarian and coordinator Niran Rai said that the agitation will continue until the government does not make Dhankuta as the capital of province number 1.


Santosh Ruchal