Urged INSEC to take initiation for treatment

  November 15, 2016 By: INSEC

A senior citizen couple of Pashupati Nagar-4 has urged INSEC district representative Ajaya Kumar Shah to take initiation for their treatment.


67 years old Bahadur Mahato is visibly impaired. He has 63 years old wife Mantorita Devi Mahato and 38 years old son Dukhi Mahato. The family is in acute financial crisis and they have plead for the financial support after meeting with INSEC district representative. The couple’s only on son is differently abled by birth.


Bahadur lost his vision since five years and since then he is in a serious financial crisis and urged INSEC to search for helping hands according to district representative Shah.


He is suffering from urinary problem. They are living in a pathetic situation as their roof leaks when it rains. They have risk of other animals and insects like scorpion, snakes etc. His wife Mantoriya said that they need a house so that they feel safe.


Mantoriya had taken a loan of Rs 13,000 from a master six years ago. Her six Katthas of land was gone after she could not pay loan amount. She said that they are surviving from the amount received as a disabled allowance provided by the government to their son.


INSEC Mid-Regional Office,Kathmandu