Update of February 4 Regarding COVID-19 Infection

  February 5, 2021 By: INSEC

The number of COVID-19 infected people has reached 271,602 after additional 171 new cases were detected positive in Nepal on February 4, 2020. According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 267,292 of the total infected have recovered. On February 4, the rate of recovery reached 98.4% along with the 227 latest recovered. The ministry reported that 2,277 people are being treated. Out of which 1,507 are in home isolation, 61 are being treated in ICU, and 14 are being treated with the support of the ventilators. Till now, the death toll has reached 2,033. According to the Ministry, 3,878 swab tests were conducted in the past 24 hours. There aren’t any active cases in Bhojpur, Rukum West, Kalikot, and Mugu, while Kathmandu has more than 500 active cases.

In Gandaki Province,

According to Gorkha representative Hariram Upreti, the vaccine against COVID-19 has been airlifted to North Gorkha. One hundred doses (10 vial) of vaccine have been transported to three wards under Chumanuvri rural municipality from Gorkha district headquarters on February 4. Health workers and women health volunteers who could not reach the centre of the district headquarters were vaccinated, said Rishi Ram Khatri, vaccination inspector at the Health Office, Gorkha. Those who have not been able to come to the centre of the district headquarters under the vaccination campaign are being vaccinated by helicopter. Vaccination has been carried out at three centers in Samagaun, Lho, Prok and Vihi villages of Lehi, Chhekampar, and Chumling of Chumchet and Sirdiwas under Chumanuvri. Khatri said that 30 health workers and 18 women health volunteers would be vaccinated in Lehi, 20 in Chumling and 18 in Filim.

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