Update of April 19 Regarding COVID-19 Infection

  April 19, 2021 By: INSEC

The number of COVID-19 infected people has reached 285,900 after additional 1,227 new cases were detected positive in Nepal on April 19, 2021.

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, 275,555 of the total infected have recovered.

On April 19 the rate of recovery reached 96.4% along with the 255 latest recovered. According to the Ministry, 7,100 swab tests were conducted in the past 24 hours.

Till now, the death toll has reached 3,091. There are 7,254 in isolation.

The government has again levied restrictions, saying the second wave of the pandemic of COVID-19 has begun.

The cabinet meeting held on April 19 said that the infection with the new variant of COVID-19 has increased in Nepal and strict control measures have been implemented in the areas where there is adherence to public health standards.

Spokesperson of the government, Minister for Communications and Information Technology Parbat Gurung has said that the government has issued the order using the right given by Article 2 of the Infectious Diseases Act 2020.

The order stipulates that no more than 25 people may participate in essential traditional religious and cultural activities including fairs, festivals, processions, weddings and religious rituals.

Minister Gurung, who is also the spokesperson of the government, said that the pre-scheduled examinations of schools and colleges and the practical examinations of medical education will not be stopped even if the schools are closed.

By mid-April, cinema halls, party palaces, dance bars, rehearsal dance halls, health clubs, gyms, swimming pools, futsal, public meetings, processions, bazaars, stadiums, sports and crowds have been closed.

Similarly, daily worship will be conducted in temples, mosques, churches and monasteries till mid-April.

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According to Salyan representative Meena Budhathoki, the schools have been closed for a week after a student at Tribhuvan Janata High School in Sharda Municipality-8 was confirmed to have contracted COVID-19 infection. The school has been closed saying that it will increase the risk to other students studying in the school, said Principal Dal Bahadur BK. The school has been closed from April 18 to 24 as per the decision of the school management committee.

According to Baitadi representative Nari Badu, schools in Melauli municipality in Talloswarad area of Baitadi have been closed. Schools in Tolya village of Ward No. 7 have been closed till April 28 after a person was diagnosed positive for COVID-19. A meeting of the municipality’s Corona Management Committee held on April 19 sealed the area along with the school closure until further notice, said Harish Prakash Bhatta, chief of the municipality’s education branch. There are 46 community schools and two institutional schools in the municipality.

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