Update of 8 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 9, 2020 By: INSEC

In the regular press meet held by the Ministry of Health and Population, the spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr Bikash Devkota informed regarding one additional case of COVID-19 in Nepalgunj. A 16-year-old boy has been diagnosed with the disease. For the pandemic of COVID-19, an Emergency Response Plan 2077 has been prepared and approved. The agenda of the plan is to minimize the impact of the pandemic on people. Even in the lockdown, the Federal Assembly’s Budget Conference has started with caution.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, for the control of Corona, ‘Three T’ is being followed. The ‘Three T’ here stands for ‘Tracing, Testing and Treatment’. The team of Tracing is led by Dr Suresh Mehta, the team of Testing is led by Jayabendra Yadav and the team Treatment is led by Dr Sangeeta Mishra. Eight patients of corona being treated at Koshi Hospital have been discharged after their swabs started resulting negative. Out of the eight, seven are Nepalese and one is Indian. After the scarcity of PPE in Bhojour’s Hatuwagadi Rural Municipality, Aamchok Rural Municipality, Ram Prasad Rai Rural Municipality, Pauwadhungma Rural Municipality, Salpasilichho Rural Municipality, the health workers are at risk. Since the Islam community is celebrating Ramjan, the Islamic Federation Nepal has distributed food provisions to 275 families for Iftar.

In Province 2,  a total 3,173 swabs have been examined till date out of which 2,393 reports were negative and 30 reports were positive while 750 reports are pending. Likewise, till date 5,416 RDT have been conducted out of which 5,406 are negative and 10 reports are positive. The 19 out of 91 Indians sheltering at Koshi School of Koshi Barrage have escaped on 7 May. After the lockdown, these people had walked to reach West Bengal of India but since the Province 1 government did not allow them to enter, they were sheltering in the school which had been providing them with food and a place to sleep. These escaping men had left all their belongings in the school. The locals have suspected that these men might have taken a boat and sailed across Koshi. The local level has been distributing relief the needy one in Siraha, Sarlahi, Rautahat, Mahottari etc.

In Bagmati Province, 9,105 RDT have been conducted out of which 20 resulted positive. There are 203 people in quarantine and 29 in isolation. Till 8 May, 2,306 PCR has been conducted. Since many districts have been conducting RDT, Sindhuli, Makwanpur, Kavre and Chitwan has scarcity of Kits.

In Gandaki Province, till date 695 swabs have been tested out of which two resulted positive, 385 were negative and three are pending. There has already been 6,377 RDT test.

In Province 5, monitoring team has been formed to monitor suspects of COVID in all 19 wards. The quarantine of Bardaghat Susta West has increase of 28 people in a day.  A 16-year-old boy and his brother of 22 years’ age have been diagnosed with the disease. To control the infection in Rupandehi, a temporary isolation hospital has been established. The infected ones had come from Mumbai.

In Karnali Province, In the RDT test conducted at the quarantine of Kasturi Lower Secondary School of Tripura Sundari Municipality-7, one has resulted positive and his swab has been sent for test. This man had returned from Nepalgunj. Construction of Corona Specialized Hospital has completed in Rukum West. There has been a lack of RDT and VTM to examine people staying in quarantine in Humla. INSEC’s representatives and other human rights officers have monitored the quarantine established at Khadachakra Municipality-8’s Jana Prabhat Secondary School. The Shreenagar Health Post of Adanchuli Rural Municipality will be continuously operating at night during the lockdown with two staffs delegated for the locals and the ones staying in quarantine. Barekot Rural Municipality’s quarantine has sent back more than half of the people staying in the quarantine due to lack of kit to test them.

In Sudur Paschim Province, the woman being treated at Seti Hospital tested negative after 35 days and has been discharged on 8 May. Due to lack of testing kits, the ones who have already met the quarantine duration were supposed to be sent back only after the test but since there was lack of kit, these people were sent back home without the test.

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