Update of 7 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 8, 2020 By: INSEC

In the regular press meet held by the Ministry of Health and Population, the PCR has examined 14, 509 samples and RDT has examined 54,093 samples. Nationwide, there are 101 people suffering from the disease. On 7 May, two males from Kapilbastu of age 16 and 22 were diagnosed with the disease. Till date, there are 73 males and 28 females suffering from the virus. There are 31 of them in Province 1, 30 in Province 2, seven in Bagmati Province, two in Gandaki Province, 26 in Province 5 and five in Sudur Paschim Province. There are no cases in Karnali Province till date. These are the number of patients according to the district:

  • Rupandehi- 1
  • Banke- 23
  • Kailali- 1
  • Chitwan-1
  • Parsa- 26
  • Morang- 25

There are 77 being treated for the infection. Three out of them are those discharged and later re-infected. There are 17,372 in quarantine. On 7 May, all the members of the representative assembly and national assembly were also tested for Corona Virus. All their swabs were collected on 6 may before the conference on fiscal year’s budget. On 7 May, 170 members of representative assembly and 33 national assembly’s swab was sent to the National Public Health Laboratory of Teku. Swabs of the employees working in the Parliament Secretariat have also been collected. For the upcoming conference, they have to show a health certificate of not being infected by Corona.

On 7 May, the 30,000 PCR test kits sent by Switzerland has reached Nepal. Along with PCR Kits, other health equipment was also brought to the country in the Nepal Airline’s wide-body aeroplane. The materials were handed over to the Health and Population Minister, Bhanubhakta Dhakal. These materials were handed over at the airport by the Ambassador of Switzerland Her Excellency Elisabeth von Capeller.

On 7 May, the government of Nepal has declared public holiday and everybody lightened lamps.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, eight people being treated in the Koshi Hospital will be discharged on 8 May. Out of these eight, one is an Indian citizen whereas seven are Nepali citizens. Out of these seven two are from Biratnagar and five are from Udaypur. Before this, six were discharged from the Covid specialized hospital. After the eight are discharged there will be 17 patients remaining. In Province 1, 1,789 swabs have been collected till date out of which 1,712 reports were negative. There have been 6,831 RDT collected till date out of which 18 resulted positive. The other 6,772 reports were negative. There are 1,402 people in quarantine in the province. There are 7,629 in the home quarantine. Qatar Charity Nepal has provided health equipment to Province 1. They have given 300 PPE, 25 IR thermometers and 5,125 other equipment including masks and gloves.

In Province 2, a total of 2,753 swabs have been tested out of which 2,372 resulted negative and 30 resulted positive while 351 reports are pending. Likewise, 5,356 RDT have been conducted out of which 5,346 reports were negative and 10 were positive. There are 1,327 people staying in the quarantine. There are 4,450 people in home quarantine. The provincial government has allocated two billion for Corona Virus prevention, control, and treatment. This amount is more than 5% of the current fiscal year’s budget. Some Indians stuck in Bara’s Subarna rural municipality-3 Pachagachhiya Border have attacked the armed police. There were two policemen delegated in the duty and they were attacked by 100 Indian citizens. These people also tried snatching their arms. Three men staying in the quarantine of Ramanand Bisheswor Mahendra Campus’s quarantine have escaped from the quarantine. They are originally from Sitamadhi. Taking the advantage of the lockdown, the consumers are being sold with expensive goods. After which the authorities have monitored the markets of Rajbiraj and Hanumannagar.

In Bagmati Province, the people’s representatives of Sagachowkgadi Municipality , Indrawati and Balefi rural municipality have decided to contribute their facility amount to the Crisis Fund. The representatives of Sagachowkgadi have contributed five hundred thousand rupees to the fund while Balefi rural municipality has contributed three hundred forty four thousand three hundred and thirty-three rupees. INSEC Bagmati Province Office Makwanpur has provided health equipment to Hetauda Sub-metropolitan and Manahari rural municipality. Hetauda and Chitwan’s PCR Labs have scarcity of testing kit.

In Gandaki Province, in total 690 swabs have been tested and 685 reported negative, three reports are pending. Tanahu’s Suklagandaki Municipality has decided to provide relief on the basis of labour work. For the second round of their relief distribution, the municipality has decided to engage the labour class in some development works of the municipality. The quarantine built at Lamjung’s Besisahar Municipality with 165 beds and it has been claimed of not meeting 70% of quarantine criteria.

In Province 5, there are 26 people suffering from Corona Virus infection. On 7 May, two males from Kapilbastu of age 16 and 22 were diagnosed with the disease. Vehicles carrying necessary goods will only enter from Rupandehi to Palpa. Everyone coming from Rupandehi are kept in quarantine in Palpa. One of the people, staying in the quarantine of Gulariya Municipality- 10, Paryagpur’s Nepal National Secondary School had called and informed the representatives of INSEC on 7 May regarding the bad quality of rice that they were being fed. The rice had insects mixed in it. Also, from the past two days, they were not provided tea and snacks and they had no soap. After the phone call, INSEC’s representative Man Bahadur Chaudhary and journalist Mukunda Subedi had monitored the quarantine and verified the complaint. Birendra Kumar Tharu, ward chairperson on Gulariya Municipality- 10 accepted the fault and managed snacks, soaps and edible food provisions for the quarantine. According to Tharu, since they had not found sugar and tea in the market, they couldn’t provide tea and snacks in the quarantine. He also mentioned that the mill providing rice has sent degraded quality rice. The mill has been reported for further action.Eighteen people are staying in the quarantine out of which 16 are Indian citizens and two are Nepalese.

In Karnali Province, during the lockdown 1,147 people are kept in the quarantine of the local level. These are the people returning from different parts of India. The province has scarcity of RDT testing kits and they have requested the authorities for it. The people rescued from Kathmandu were kept in quarantine for 14 days and sent back after normal checkup since there was no RDT test kit.

In Sudur Paschim Province, the local level has prohibited people to enter the districts using boat in Seti, Karnali and other rivers. After the instruction of Home Ministry, the Armed Police Force has sent work plan to establish Border Out Post at three different places in Darchula. In Darchula’s Malikarjun Rural Municipality, all six wards have distributed medicines to 265 long-term diseased people.


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