Update of 6 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 7, 2020 By: INSEC

Government has decided to extend the lockdown till 18 May 2020 while the international flights are on hold till 31 May 2020. In a regular press meet held by the Ministry of Health and Population, the Spokesperson Dr Bikash Devkota informed regarding 17 additional positive cases of corona virus infection. The infection was diagnosed also in an infant of two months. Out of the recent infected ones, 10 are males and seven are females. They all are in a proper health state. Now there are 99 cases of corona virus infection and 22 have recovered. But of the recovered ones, three were re-diagnosed with the disease.

According to Dr Devkota, the PCR has tested 14,096 and RDT had tested 52,970 people. The following are the number of RDT conducted:

  • Province 1: 6,328
  • Province 2: 5,797
  • Bagmati Province: 8,940
  • Gandaki Province: 6,197
  • Province 5: 5,330
  • Karnali Province: 5,977
  • Sudur Paschim Province: 14,401

Provincial Reports:

In Province 1, six have been discharged after recovering and all of them are Indian citizens. They all will be kept in a quarantine of a mosque after they are discharged. There are 10 bedrooms and ten toilets in this mosque. They will remain under observation. In Province 1, 1,732 swabs have been collected till date out of which 1,712 reports were negative. There have been 6,559 RDT collected till date out of which 17 resulted positive. The other 6,542 reports were negative. There are 1,402 people in quarantine in the province. There are 7,545 in the home quarantine. There are 44 people in isolation. Gandhi Hospital of Shadananda Municipality. Bjojpur is having a problem of water supply. There is a quarantine in this hospital which has seven females, 18 males and children of age 6 and 12. Sakela Ubhauli of Kirant Rai Family lies on the day of Baishakh Purnima, hence they are instructed to celebrate it inside their houses.

In Province 2, seventeen people including 10 males and seven females were detected with corona virus. Till 6 May 2,661 swabs have been collected out of which 2,346 reports were negative and 302 reports are pending. Till 6 May 5,348 RDT has been conducted out of which 5,338 were negative while 10 were positive. There are 1,314 people in quarantine and 4,332 are in home quarantine. There are 30 people in home quarantine. Due to the lockdown, 31 labourers are stuck in the Nepal-India Border of Jayanagar. They have requested the people’s representatives and campaigners to help them get back. They are the labourers from India’s Uttar Pradesh. Human Rights Officer Binod Mahara and Advocate Bhogendra Yadav have presented a writ application complaining about the relief distribution which doesn’t meet the criteria of the government. In the Human Rights Monitoring Committee formed at Siraha District INSEC’s Representative Durga Pariyar and WPREC’s Dev Kumari Mahara have been selected as members.

In Bagmati Province, there were seven corona positives being treated out of which two of them were at Patan Hospital, were at Teku Hospital and two were in Bharatpur Hospital. Out of them six have recovered and one is being treated in Bharatpur hospital. The one discharged from Patan Hospital was re-diagnosed. There are 10 people being treated in the isolation ward. In this province, 8,940 RDT have been conducted and 19 of them have resulted positive. Likewise, till now, 2,256 samples have been collected for PCR out of which seven have resulted positive. One of them positive in RDT has resulted positive in PCR. Out of 527 bedded quarantines established in Sindhupalchowk, three were closed for not meeting the criteria. In Ratnagar of Chitwan, the land remaining from plotting has been used for agriculture. The local level is mobilizing the labour class to make them productive during the lockdown.

In Gandaki Province, in total 690 swabs have been tested and 658 reported negative, 25 reports are pending. Till 6 May, 6,347 RDT have been conducted. The health organizations in Parbat have scarcity of thermal guns. After the health workers started complaining about the scarcity, on the 43rd day of the lockdown, 13 health organizations of Kushma Municipality were provided with it.

In Province 5, the Crisis Management Committee formed in Banke has decided to use the Nepal Army Hospital and Nepal Police Hospital as per need. In Banke, there are 23 cases of corona virus infection after which the team of WHO has reached Nepalgunj. Since many Nepalese have been hiding and entering Nepal, risk has increased in Kapilbastu area.

In Karnali Province, The province has scarcity of RDT testing kits and they have requested the authorities for it. There were no doctors in the Primary Health Centres of Nalagad Municipality. Hence, the Municipality has appointed a doctor in its own expenses. The doctor is in contract period and his name is RK Mandal. Almost 40,000 youths of Dailkeh are working in different cities of India as labourers and at present they are in problem. During the lockdown, almost 12,000 people have entered Jajarkot out of which only 500 have been examined with RDT. Some of the rural municipalities like- Tila, Hima, Tatopani, Githichaur have distributed social security amount door-to-door since the beneficiaries could not reach the financial institutions.

In Sudur Paschim Province, The 93 locals of Bajhang’s Thalara rural municipality stuck in the quarantine of Rampur have been there for 40 days now. They have requested the journalists and human rights officers to appeal the government for their return. Due to lack of testing kits, the ones who have already met the quarantine duration were supposed to be sent back only after the test but since there was lack of kit, these people were sent back home without the test.