Update of 5 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 6, 2020 By: INSEC

In the regular press meet held by the Ministry of Health and Population, the spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr. Bikash Devkota informed regarding seven more cases diagnosed in Nepalgunj. These people are in the age group 9 to 55 and they are three males and four females. Now, there are 82 people suffering from coronavirus infection in Nepal. Out of them, 31 are in Province 1, 13 in province 2, seven in Bagmati Province, two in Gandaki Province, 24 in Province 5 and five in Sudur Paschim Province. Sixty-six of them are being treated out of which one is in Rupandehi, 23 are in Banke, one in Kalaiya, one in Chitwan, nine in Parsa and 31 in Morang. All of them are in normal health state. According to Dr. Devkota, 13850 PCR and 52,227 RDT have been conducted till date.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, there are 31 patients being treated for COVID-19 at the Koshi Hospital. According to the Social Development Minister, six of them will be discharged at 8 am of 6 May 2020. They are citizens of India, named- Anush Jaidi (30), Md Ajiz (29) Md Javed (28), Md Ahmad Saheb (21), Md Arizwan (34), Md Rasid (26). They all will be kept in a quarantine of a mosque after they are discharged. There are 10 bedrooms and ten toilets in this mosque. They will remain under observation. INSEC along with other officers have presented an application requesting the Health Minister, Social Development Minister and Chief District Officer to pay attention towards their citizens’ Right to Health.

In Province 2, till 5 May 2,610 swabs have been collected out of which 2,292 reports were negative and 13 were positive, 305 reports are pending. Till 5 May 5,316 RDT has been conducted out of which 5,306 were negative while 10 were positive. There are 1,274 people in quarantine and 4,364 in-home quarantine. There are 31 corona infected being treated in the isolation ward. The Nursing Campus of the Provincial Hospital of Janakpurdham has been prepared for treating corona patients. According to the Medical Superintendent of the Provincial Hospital, the Nursing Campus has been set up with ventilators, monitors and oxygen and has the capacity to hold 43 patients. PCR machine is now functioning in Narayani Hospital of Parsa and today 16 swabs have been examined in it. After the relief being distributed by the newly appointed ward chairperson, Hridaya Narayan Yadav was pointed out to be biased, a riot happened at Rautahat Boudhimai Municipality-6.  To control the chaos, police had to charge baton after which the revolting locals started throwing stones at them which resulted in a policeman’s injury.

In Bagmati Province, the isolation capacity is 943 beds and there are eight in the isolation wards i.e three in Makwanpur, three in Lalitpur and two in Dhading. In this province, 8,853 RDT have been conducted and 18 of them have resulted positive. Likewise, till now, 2,224 samples have been collected for PCR out of which seven have resulted positive. The farmers of Dhunibeshi have claimed loss worth 30 million since their vegetables were not sold on time. The Mayors of Kathmandu Valley have met and requested Deputy Prime and Defence Minister Ishwor Pokhrel not to let anyone enter or leave Kathmandu.

In Gandaki Province, till 5 May a total of 660 swabs have been examined and 6,189 RDT has been conducted. On 5 May, 115 RDT was conducted. Pokhara Metropolitan-18 has provided employment to the Kajlaari Community’s daily waged workers. The Metropolitan has also provided employment to the Jalari Community where they will be cleaning the water weed around Fewa Lake. This job has been provided to each one in the family and in some cases, if the condition of the family is merciful then up to three family members will be employed. They will be paid Rs 350 per day.

In Province 5, till 5 May 8,127 people are in quarantine and 40 are in isolation and 1,366 throat swabs have been examined. Out of them, 1,238 reports were negative and 104 reports are pending. Till date, 5,330 RDT has been conducted. In Banke, on 5 May seven more cases of corona infection have been diagnosed. Now, there are 23 cases in Bara and one in Rupandehi. Out of them, 12 are females and 12 are males. The police have found 99 people entering the country from India for reaching Kapilbastu and now they are in the quarantine built in the No Man’s Land.

In Karnali Province, many locals of Dailekh working as labourers in India are unemployed after the lockdown has extended in both the countries. Therefore, the locals have requested the authorities to rescue them. Almost 40,000 youths of Dailkeh are working in different cities of India as labourers and at present, they are in problem. During the lockdown, almost 12,000 people have entered Jajarkot out of which only 500 have been examined with RDT.

In Sudur Paschim Province, after the permit of transportation was misused by the vehicles, the District Administration Office of Kanchanpur has dismissed all those permits. Malikarjun Rural Municipality has distributed medicines to the long term diseased patients of all eight wards through their health posts. The 93 locals of Bajhang’s Thalara rural municipality stuck in the quarantine of Rampur have been there for 39 days now. They have requested the journalists and human rights officers to appeal to the government for their return. Likewise, 50 locals of Baitadi returning from Banglore are stuck at Delhi from 40 days.

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