Update Of 5 July Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  July 6, 2020 By: INSEC

In the past 24 hours, additional 293 cases were diagnosed in 44 districts of the country. Acording to Dr Jageshwor Gautam, spokesperson of the Ministry, a total of 4,710 samples were tested in 25 laboratories of the country. With this, nationwide 15,784 cases have been confirmed till date. Out of the total, 6,547 have been discharged and 34 have died. Out of the seven provinces, highest number of infected are in Province 2. There are 4,160 people infected in this province and out of them 2,034 have been discharged. In Province 5, 3,938 have been diagnosed and 1,725 have been dicharged. There are 3,678 infected in the province out of which 680 have been discharged. In province 1, 694 are infected out of which 469 have been discharged. Bagmati province has the least number of infected at present. There are 563 infected in this province, out of which 234 have been discharged after recovery.

Provincial Reports

In Province 2, additional 115 cases have been diagnosed on 5 July. There are 3,708 people infected out of which 2.077 have been discharged after recovery.

In Gandaki Province, additional eight cases have been diagnosed on 5 July and with this there are 1,096 total infected and one has died. INSEC gandaki Province Office has provided health equipment to Tanahu’s Bhanubhakta municipality, Bandipur rural municipality and Kaski district’s Rupa rural municipality. the local levels were provided 2/2 thermal guns, 1/1 litre sanitizers, 500/500 masks.

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