Update of 4 June Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  June 5, 2020 By: INSEC

Till date, there have been 2,634 people suffering from corona virus infection and the disease has spread to 65 districts. On 4 June, 334 cases have been registered. On 4 June, one death case has been registered due to coronavirus infection, with this, there are 10 death cases registered till date.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, 30 of the coronavirus patients have been discharged after recovery. According to the Ministry of Social Development, 78 people have been discharged from the province. On 4 June, 16 additional cases were diagnosed. In 10 districts, the number of cases has reached 201. The Purbanchal University has started 200 bedded corona treatment centre. The treatment has started from 4 June. First case of the province, recorded at Udaypur has also recovered. All 33 patients of Udaypur have recovered. In Jhapa’s Kachankawal, Nepal Army will be delegated for security. Kachankawal has the highest number of corona patients within the province.

In Province 2, people staying in the quarantine of Kankalini Municipality-3 Hanumannagar initiated a fight with the health workers since they have been in the quarantine from almost 22 days now after returning from India. These people are neither tested with PCR nor RDT. Five security personnel delegated for the security of the Provincial Assembly were diagnosed with coronavirus infection after which the meeting of the Provincial Assembly was postponed. In Malangwa Municipality-2, people returning from India are kept in the quarantine in Kaward Hall in a very mismanaged hall. In Rautahat, the medical shops will be opened 24 hours, banks and finance companies will be open from 11 am to 2 pm and shops will be opened in alternate days from 10 am to 5 pm till the 14 June 2020. Five Dom families of Chandrapur Municipality-8 have scarcity of food-grains. Family of Jadunan Mallik who worked as a cleaner in Chandrapur Municipality is also having problem of food. The ward had provided relief once a month back which has now finished. Sanjay Mallik of the same place did not receive relief since he did not have the citizenship. In response to all this, the chairperson of the municipality says, everyone will be getting the relief in some days.

In Bagmati Province, one more case has been added on 4 June and with this there are 58 people infected with the disease. In Dhading district, there is scarcity of testing kit which is going to create a problem since people are returning from India and kits are necessary. From 14 May to 4 June 713 people have entered the district from India. Some of them are in the quarantine of local level and some have not coordinated with the local level after their return.

In Gandaki Province, there is scarcity of RDT kit in Tanahu district and in total there are around 200 people in every local level remaining for a test. Due to the scarcity of the RDT kit, people staying in the quarantine are not being able to initiate the first round of examination of antibodies. In Baglung, additional new cases were found in Baglung and are taken to the Dhaulagiri hospital for treatment. They are kept in the isolation of Dhaulagiri hospital where due to increase in the number of patients, additional 12 beds were kept.

In Province 5, the 45-year-old man who died while being treated at the United Mission Hospital has reported positive to corona virus test. Holding desks have been established at the border of Krishnanagar and Maryadpur Sugauthi after increase of coronavirus cases were found in Kapilbastu. The desks will be checking health of those returning from India and anyone with more than 104 degrees fever will be immediately taken for treatment. Police has caught the 19 coronavirus infected people of Sudhyodhan rural municipality who denied treatment at Alshekh hospital. They are now kept at Basic School of Gaur and guarded. Family of the 55-year-old man staying in the quarantine of Babai Multiple Campus who recently died have blamed authorities for their carelessness behind his death. He has reached Bardiya District Hospital from Achham and was hungry and thirsty but the quarantine management denied to feed him at night blamed his 20-year-old son. His health got worse and he had asked for ambulance but no one helped him.

In Karnali Province, Karnali Health Science Academy Teaching Hospital Jumla will be allocating doctors to the quarantine of one municipality and seven municipalities. After FNCCI of Salyan restricted hours for opening the shops, debates took place. The ward office has informed not to open the shops since the number of cases are increasing day-by-day.

In Sudur Pachim Province, people returning from India are having difficulty in the quarantine due to unmanaged quarantines. In nine local levels, there are 173 quarantines and 9,712 beds and now 8,850 are already occupied meanwhile people are still coming from India. Due to the problem of local level’s quarantine, the District Administrative Office has allowed to stay in home quarantine maintaining all the criteria.

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