Update of 4 July regarding Corona Virus Infection

  July 5, 2020 By: INSEC

In the past 24 hours, 232 new cases of corona virus infection has been diagnosed. With this there are 15,491 infected people in Nepal. On 4 July, 6,415 have been discharged after recovery. Till date, 34 people have died due to the infection. There are 9,042 people being treated.

Provincial Reports

In Province 2, on 4 July, additional 26 cases have been diagnosed and with this, there are 3,593 people infected in the country. Out of the total number of infected, 2,035 have been discharged after recovery.

In Gandaki Province, on 4 July additional 25 cases were diagnosed and with this, there are 1,088 total infected in the province.

According to the District Representative of Gorkha, Hari Ram Uprety, the locals of Palungtar municipality have obstructed the body management of the 44-year-old corona patient who died on 4 July. His body was supposed to be buried at Ludi Dovan, a meeting point for Gorkha Municipality-12 and Sahid Lakhan rural municipality-1. The body was buried at around 6pm in the evening after controlling the protest of the locals.

According to the District Representative of Tanahu, Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, the people staying in the quarantine of Byas municipality-2, Bal Mandir Secondary School were found roaming around the market place in the evening. It happened because of lack of proper management. Ward chairperson was informed regarding the incident but the subject was neglected. According to the ones staying in the quarantine, it has been 10 days since there stay and yet their swab has not been tested, therefore, due to monotony, they leave the place to roam around. According to the ward chairperson Kashi Ram Shrestha, the Health Office will send a team for their swab test and meanwhile, these people have been receiving all the facilities.

In Province 5,

According to the District Representative of Nawal Parasi West, a chaotic situation has been created in the quarantines due to the delay of their swab reports. It has been 15 days since their swabs were collected but the report has not arrived yet due to which people staying in the quarantine have started panicking. According to Gaurab Dhakal of District Health Office, 392 samples were pending. This has increased the risk of the spread of the infection.

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