Update of 28 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 29, 2020 By: INSEC

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, on 28 May additional 156 cases of corona virus infection were detected. With this, there are 1,042 cases of it and out of them, 940 are males and 102 are females. Among them, 187 have been discharged after recovery. There were 144 males and 43 females. Because of the infection, a 56-year-old man of Lalitpur Metropolitan-22 Bungmati died. Likewise, a man returning from India died on 23 May near the border of Kapilbastu and his swab resulted positive for corona. The nationwide lockdown was initiated with the motive of preventing and controlling the spread of corona but even after so the case has been increasing. Now, the infection has spread to 51 districts. The government has presented budget to the Federal Assembly on 28 May. In the presented budget, 6 billion has been allocated to have enough medicines, health equipment and machineries for the prevention, control and treatment of coronavirus infection. Likewise, the doctors, health workers and lab technicians will be provided with health equipment, incentives and a life insurance worth five hundred thousand rupees.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, there are 130 people suffering from the infection. On 28 May additional 26 cases were discovered. In the additional cases, one is from Solududhkunda and 25 are from Jhapa and they belong to the age group 15 to 42. All of them are males. Out of the total, 30 have been discharged after recovery while 100 are being treated. In the province, 6,334 swabs have been tested and on 28 May 568 swabs were collected from different parts of the province. There has been 11,406 RDT. There are 2,088 people in quarantine, 586 in holding area and 8,797 in home quarantine.

In Province 2, there are 84 additional cases on 28 May. Till 28 May, 11 thousand swabs have been tested out of which, 8,980 swabs resulted negative and 1,620 reports are pending. Till date, 6,344 RDT have been conducted. There are 15,042 people in quarantine 5,502are in home quarantine. There are 212 in isolation. Due to increase of coronavirus infection in Saptari, scarcity of isolation ward has been noticed. There are 33 infected ones in Gajendra Narayan Singh hospital whereas their capacity to hold isolation is only 24.

In Bagmati Province, there are 32 people are being treated, 11 have been discharged and two have died till 28 May. There are 1,631 people staying in quarantine. Till 28 May, the Hetauda’s laboratory has 1485 swabs collected for test.

In Gandaki Province, till 28 May, a total of 2,569 swabs have been tested till date out of which 79 are pending and 2,474 were negative. On 28 May additional four cases were diagnosed in the province. With this, there are 17 infected people in this province. Till 28 May. 8,356 RDT have been conducted. A 39-year-old woman of Syangja was brought to Pachimanchal Regional Hospital on 28 May, due to lack of separate isolation ward for women in Syangja.

In Province 5, till 28 May, 18,794 were tested with RDT and 29,158 are in quarantine. There are 29 in isolation. On 28 May, additional four cases were diagnosed in Province 5. There are 369 people infected from nine districts of this Province. After the increment of corona infection cases in Rukum East’s Puthautarganga rural municipality-13 and 14, ward number 10, 11 and 12 were completely sealed.

In Karnali Province, additional eight cases have been discovered on 28 May. All of them were moved to the isolation ward of Saraswati Secondary School Tartang. With this there are 16 cases of infection in Dailekh and there are 30 cases in Surkhet. In Karnali, there are 46 cases of coronavirus infection. Salyan district’s Darman rural municipality is the first one to initiate corona insurance. Due to lack of VTM, 267 people staying in the quarantine of Gyanodaya Campus and Tribhuwan Secondary School of Jajarkot were not able to get their PCR tested.

In Sudur Paschim Province, after a 21-year-old man of Mahakali Municipality returning from India through Darchula-Dharchula border was found positive with the infection after which all the wards of the rural municipality has been sealed. Bir Bahadur Bantola (55) and Kallu Rana, chairperson of Krishnanagar Municipality-7 had died in Seti Hospital but their reports were corona negative. Due to lack of Kits in quarantines, almost 2,596 swabs collection has been halted.

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