Update of 24 April Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 25, 2020 By: INSEC

For the prevention and control of corona virus, the government has allocated one public health officer, one lab technician and one paramedic or nurse in all the local level. There are 460 rural municipalities, 276 municipalities, 11 sub-metropolitans and six metropolitans in the country. Nationwide 47,496 health test has been conducted which is 9,407 PCR and 38,089 RDT. There are 12,985 people in quarantine in the entire country. On 24 April a 68-year-old was diagnosed with corona and the number has reached 49. Till date 49 have been diagnosed and 10 have been treated. Out of the 39 are being treated.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, on 24 April a 62-year-old male was diagnosed with corona. In province 1, there are 32 people suffering from the disease. There are 26 from Udaypur, four from Biratnagar, one each from Bhojpur and Jhapa. In province 1, 903 PCR has been conducted and 4,160 RDT have been conducted. There are 1,163 people staying in quarantine and 43 have been discharged. There are 30 in isolation. There are 5,387 in home quarantine. World Vision International has provided 215 PPE set, N95 masks, surgical masks, gloves, hand sanitizer, medical protective cloth electronic thermometer, and 32 IR Thermometer to province 1. These materials were worth 3.4 million. In province 1, Corona Prevention, Control and Treatment fund has 287 million 886 hundred thousand and 725 rupees. In the fund, the provincial government provided 250 million rupees. Till now, 1.2 million six hundred thousand has been spent, informed Yogya Prasad Rai, the account officer of the Provincial Cabinet. After the Kankai Municipality‘s appeal, Urea is being available. Around 1,800 sacks of Urea is being prepared for distribution.

In Province 2, till 24 April, 666 swabs have been tested and five of them reported positive while 45 reports are pending. By 24 April 4,331 RDT have been conducted and 4,322 resulted negative whereas nine reported positive. Eight of them reported negative in their PCR and one is pending. There are 1,366 people in quarantine and 1,639 in home quarantine. There are 13 in isolation being treated. In Gaushala Municipality seven locals fell sick after consuming the oil distributed by government. The Mayor of the municipality has committed to take the responsibility of the sick ones and treat them. The ward chairperson has committed to investigate the cause behind the sickness.

In Bagmati Province, around 90 vehicles have brought food-grains in the past one month. Almost 17 thousand labourers working in the brick factory of Bhaktapur have returned back home still 2,400 are still stuck in the factory. Police is preparing to send them back. The Indian labourers will not be sent unless the international border opens. Eleven women have taken psycho-social consultation from the One-way Crisis Management Centre due to the fear of the corona infection.

In Gandaki Province, on 24 April, 20 samples have been collected and sent for test. Till date, 564 samples have been tested out of which 540 were negative and 22 are pending. On 23 April 31 people came to Myagdi from Kathmandu and were kept in the quarantine of the local level. There are 62 in quarantine in Myagdi. Likewise, the locals of Ghasa sent back 35 individuals to Pokhara who came to reach Dolpa from Mustang.

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In Province 5, 12 PCR have been conducted out of which 176 reported negative and six reports were pending while RDT has tested 2,874 people. There are no corona infected diagnosed in Province 1 yet. There are 6,501 staying in quarantine and there are 19 in isolation. To control the impact of lockdown, Agriculture Knowledge Centre Dang has initiated Agriculture Ambulance which will take the produced vegetables to the consumers. Butwal Sub-metropolitan has resumed giving vaccines which was halted due to lockdown. Likewise, 158 swabs were sent for test while three reports are still pending.

In Karnali Province, every day more than 500 people enter Jumla. Previously everyone stayed in quarantine but now the deny staying in quarantine. This has increased the risk of infection.

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In Sudur Paschim Province, two positive results of RDT resulted negative in their PCR. Till date, 220 Nepalese have escaped quarantine and escaped from the Indian border and swam back to the country whereas there are 1,063 people in five quarantines of Dharchula.

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