Update of 21 June Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  June 22, 2020 By: INSEC

On 21 June additional 421 cases were diagnosed for coronavirus infection, informed the Ministry of Health and Population and with this there are 9,026 people suffering from coronavirus infection in Nepal. In the past 24 hours, 194 people were discharged and till date 175,173 PCR and 262,174 RDT have been conducted according to the website of the ministry. According to the ministry there are 7,231 in isolation and 94,928 in quarantine. Till date, 23 have died due to the infection. According to the Ministry 237 children within the age of 10 are suffering from the disease. Likewise, 2,187 are within the age group 11 to 20, there are 3,414 within the age group of 21 to 30, there are 1,961 people from the age group 31 to 40. Likewise, there are 840 are within the age group 41 to 50 and there are 291 people within the age group of 51 to 61. There are 96 patients above the age of 31.

Provincial Reports

In Province 2, on 21 June 78 people were diagnosed with the disease. There are 2,902 total infected in the province out of which 952 have been discharged after recovery. According to the District Representative of Siraha, Durga Pariyar, 52 people staying in the quarantine of Surya Narayan Satya Narayan Marawaita Campus were diagnosed with the disease, informed Krishna Dev Yadav; Chief of the District Health Office. They were supposed to be moved to the isolation of Chandra Secondary School but were not taken till 7pm, informed Yadav. The hospital will be taking responsibility of their accomodation, food and treatment, informed Yadav. According to the Superintendent of the District Hospital, Dr Nagendra Prasad Yadav, the preparation are made but the patients will be brought only at late night.

In Bagmati Province, on 21 June, additional three people were diagnosed with the infection. With this, there are 301 people suffering from the disease out of which 56 have been discharged after recovery and four have died.

In Gandaki Province, additional 19 people were diagnosed with the disease and with this there are 523 people suffering from the disease. According to the District representative of Gorkha, Hariram Uprety, the corona infected were brought to the isolation ward only after three days. seven people from Palungtar municipality were diagnosed with the disease but they were brought to the isolation of Gorkha Campus only after three days since the isolation was not prepared on time. they were diagnosed on 19 June 2020. After the isolation of Gorkha hospital was full, an isolation of 70 beds was prepared at Gorkha Campus.

In Province 5, on 21 June 172 new corona infected people were diagnosed. A 69-year-old man of Chhatrakot rural municipality-5 Gulmi who was staying in home quarantine had died on 19 June. His swab was taken for test immediately after death and it resulted positive with the virus. His dead body was managed by the help of Nepal Army.

In Karnali Province, a new PCR machine has been brought at the Dailekh’s electoral constituency 1 with the fund od Electoral Constituency Infrastructure Development Program on 20 June 2020. The machine can give report of 300 kits within 12 hours and is of ‘Micropete Plus D- Lab’, informed biomedical engineer Rakesh Kumar Sah of Karnali Province Laboratory. The machine will be brought to use after 7 days since they are preparing the infrastructure.

In Sudur Paschim Province, according to the district representative Basu Dev Joshi, 246 quarantines built by the local level of the district are in schools. Due to this, the pregnant women, children and women in their postpartum are having difficulties of food, water and toilet, informed Khadak Bag of Adarsha rural municipality-2. In the quarantine of Aadarsha rural municipality, there are 276 children, 29 pregnant women and women in postpartum. They are facing difficulty in drinking water, toilet and food. The quarantines prepared by all nine local levels of the district have 60 pregnant women and 515 children, informed Health Office of Doti.

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