Update of 20 June Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  June 21, 2020 By: INSEC

Till date, there are 8,605 infected people in Nepal, informed the Ministry of Health and Population. According to the situational report released on 20 June, 7.005 are being treated, 1,578 have been discharged after recovery and 22 have died.

Provincial Report

In Province 1, there were additional 11 diagnosed with the infection and with this there are 433 people suffering from the disease. In the province, 234 have been discharged after recovery, informed the Ministry of Social Development Ministry.

In Province 2, additional 34 cases were diagnosed on 20 June 2020 and with this there are 2,824 total infected. Out of them 857 have been discharged after recovery. According to the District Representative of Saptari, Manohar Kumar Pokharel, due to no management of vehicles, six people discharged from the isolation of Rajbiraj municipality-2, were not able to go back and were kept in the isolation centre itself. According to the COVID-19 Management Coordinator and Acting Medical Superintendent of Gajendra Narayan Singh hospital Ranjit Kumar Jha, the family members, local level and District Health Office was dependent on one another and therefore no one was able to manage the vehicle.

In Bagmati Province, on 20 June 2020, 17 additional cases were diagnosed and with this there are 298 cases in the province. Out of them 56 have been discharged after recovery and remaining 268 are in isolation and four of them have died, informed the Ministry of Social Development.

In Gandaki Province, additional 50 people were diagnosed with the disease and with this, there are 488 people suffering from the infection in the province. According to the District Representative of Tanahu, Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, due to regular rainfall and road obstruction it is causing problem in taking the corona patient to the hospital. All the infected were supposed to be kept in Shukla Gandaki municipality’s GP Koirala National Centre for Respiratory Disease but due to the road obstruction, they have still not been brought.

In Province 5, according to the District Representative of Dang, four health workers including two doctors were found infected with corona at the Rapti Health Science Academy After which, except for the emergency services all the other services were closed on 20 June 2020. Likewise, 57 swabs were collected from the people staying in the quarantine of Tulsipur sub-metropolitan-8’s Ashwara Secondary School but the report has not arrived been after 14 days after which people have started protesting. According to the ward chairperson Bed Bahadur KC, protestors have agreed on going for home quarantine if the report doesn’t arrive within three days.

In Karnali Province, till date there are 1,279 infected people in the province. Till date 527 people from different hospitals have been discharged after recovery and four have died. Books were being taken to Bardiya’s Rajpur Municipality’s Bheri Secondary School for upcoming session. The district’s local level educational department has started distributing books.

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