Update of 20 April Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 21, 2020 By: INSEC

According to the press conference held by the Ministry of Health and Population, 33,531 have been tested with corona infection, nationwide. The PCR has tested 8,338 people and RDT has tested 25,148 people.  According to Dr Devkota, following number of people have been tested:

  • Province 1: 2,349
  • Province 2: 3,238
  • Bagmati Province: 4,676
  • Gandaki Province: 3,751
  • Province 5: 2,324
  • Karnali Province: 3,232
  • Sudur Paschim Province: 5,578

Till date, there are 5.936 people in quarantine and 111 in isolation. Till date, the number of infected one has reached 31 and four of them have been discharged.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, 659 suspect samples have been collected out of which 13 were tested positive. While 391 reports were negative and 255 reports are pending. In Province 1, 2,069 were examined with RDT in which two women, four men showed positive antibodies in their system. Province 1 has the capacity of 4,571 quarantine. Till 20 April there are 825 people in quarantine and 10 have been discharged. There have the capacity of 449 isolation beds. There are eight women and 27 men in their isolation. There are 4,343 in quarantine. There are 716 women and 3.627 men in-home quarantine. Government of Nepal and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has requested different groups of Muslims in Morang to be united for the crisis battle against corona. Since many of the Jamatis who was on a visit to their pilgrimage in Nepal are stuck in different Mosque, they have been requested them to unite for the prevention, control and treatment of corona. The government has also assured them about monitoring the crisis, black market and economic fluctuation during the period of lockdown. After collecting the swabs of 251 people in Udaypur, the team of Nepal Army doctors has returned to Kathmandu.

In Province 2, 590 swabs have been collected for test in which 541 reported negative and four tested positive. There are still 45 reports pending. Likewise, RDT has examined 3,238 people and 3,087 reported negative while seven reported positive. Out of these seven, six resulted negative in their PCR and one report is pending. Till 20 April, there are 1,255 people in quarantine and 2,380 are in-home quarantine. In the isolation ward, 14 suspects are being treated. In Province 2, the team of Dr Ajay Mishra has monitored the District Hospital and Birgunj Regional Hospital. The CDO of Dhanusha has requested all the devotees who are sheltering in different religious spots, to come forward and get tested or stay in quarantine. The farmers of Saptari are having a difficult time after the lockdown the vegetables produced by them are decaying in the field since there is no market for sales. The municipalities of Rautahat will be providing relief to those who do not have enough documents to present for receiving relief. Volunteers have been delegated to completely deactivate the borders of India closer to Gaur of Rautahat.

In Bagmati Province, 4,676 RDT has been taken. After testing in all the districts of the Province, 13 were found positive. The RDT has been used in 1,196 people in Kathmandu, 254 in Bhaktapur, 334 in Lalitpur, 30 in Rasuwa, 338 in Nuwakot, 464 in Chitwan, 352 in Sindhuli, 356 in Kavre and 270 in Sindhupalchowk. The Agriculture and Forestry Science University if Chitwan has made sanitizers from Titepati. The sanitizer is prepared by using ethanol, glycerol, hydrogen peroxide (H2oO2) and titepati extracts. This is the first attempt of using titepati. The sanitizer is being made under the criteria of WHO. Within the lockdown, 11 people have taken the free ambulance facility. In Bhaktapur 192 pedestrians and 577 in Jagati were fed. From the past four days, the police of Bhaktapur has held people walking back home, fed them and managed vehicles for them to reach their required destination.

In Gandaki Province, Pokhara Health Science Academy, Western Regional Hospital has established a Disinfectant Tunnel in their entrance. Pokhara Metropolitan has initiated online forms for the victims to file complaints due to lockdown.

In Province 5, the COVID-19 tracing app has been launched to give factual information regarding coronavirus. This app can be downloaded from the Province 5 Chief Minister’s portal http://www.cm.p5.gov.np/ informed the press advisor of the CM. At present, 2,432 are staying in quarantine and 103 of them are in isolation. All the districts of province 5 has received the first phase of relief. The DAO has instructed not to open shops after 4 pm until further notice. Rukum East Bhume Rural Municipality is broadcasting the radio program for the SEE appearing students through Rukum FM 102.3 Mhz. Around 500 labourers have been sent back from Kathmandu to Rukum by Minister Barshaman Pun Ananta on 20 April. While the nation is facing a complete lockdown, National Human Rights Commission has formed a Human Rights Monitoring Committee.

In Karnali Province, 3,400 RDT has been conducted and 895 swabs tests have been taken. All of them resulted negative. If the health workers delegated at Athbiskot fall sick, 50% of their medical charges will be covered by the local government and in case they lose their life, their family members will receive five hundred thousand in a lump sum, declared the Mayor Khadga Prasad Upadhyay. While the nation is facing a complete lockdown, National Human Rights Commission has formed a Human Rights Monitoring Committee. INSEC’s DR Kali Bahadur Malla has been selected as a member. Five people staying in self-quarantine of Dolpa tested negative in the RDT.

In Sudur Paschim, to treat the corona infected ones in Kanchanpur, Mahakali Hospital has established an isolation ward with 50 beds. The provincial government had allocated an amount of 10 million to build this ward. To monitor the status of Human Rights, a Human Rights Monitoring Committee has been established on 20 April. INSEC’s DR Nari Badu has been selected as a member. Due to the lockdown, more than 260 children are not being able to receive the vaccination, informed the Health Office, Darchula. After staying in quarantine for 23 days, Gopal Singh Dhami has seen detected with some mental issues and steps are being taken for his treatment. After one news was published by INSEC Darchula’s representative, the authorities were concerned regarding his health.


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