Update of 17 April regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 18, 2020 By: INSEC

According to the press conference held on 17 April by the Ministry of Health and Population, 14 cases of coronavirus infection has been confirmed- 12 in Udaypur and two in Chitwan. Therefore, there are 30 confirmed cases of corona in Nepal. Another patient of corona has recovered, hence 28 are under treatment. Till date, PCR has tested 7,688 people and RDT has tested 16,565 patients. In the past 24 hours, 4,822 have been tested. Nationwide, 4,607 are in quarantine and 90 of them in isolation. The government has sent 34 residential doctors to Sudur Paschim Province on 15 April in a flight. The Supreme Court has instructed the government to rescue the civilians walking back home.

In Province 1, on 17 April 12 males were diagnosed with corona infection. All of them belong to the age group 20 to 40. On 14 April, 16 Muslims were found hiding in a mosque. Out of them, 12 were Indian citizens. Till 17 April, 355 swabs were tested in Province 1. Out of them, 295 reports were negative whereas 60 reports are pending. There are 595 staying in quarantine while 62 are discharged. There are 4,019 staying in-home quarantine. Till 17 April, 683 PPE has been distributed in Province 1. District Police Office has arrested six foreigners from one mosque of Harinagar Rural Municipality, Sunsari. These six were taken for a health test and later kept in quarantine of Bhutaha General Hospital.

In Province 2, 545 swabs were collected on 17 April out of which 504 reports were negative while four were found positive. Remaining 37 reports are still pending. In all eight districts of the Province, 906 RDT has been conducted in which 904 were found negative and two were tested positive. In Saptari, two of their RDT were positive while PCR resulted negative. There are 1,047 staying in quarantine and 1,683 are in-home quarantine. There are 14 staying in-home quarantine. According to the secretary of the Social Development Ministry, Dr Ram Prasad Ghimire, Jaleswor Hospital and Siraha Hospital have been provided with 80 million, Kalaiya Hospital has been provided with 70 million and Janakpur Provincial Hospital has been provided with 220 million for converting into corona specialized hospital. In Parsa, shops with necessities will be open from 11 am to 3 pm.

In Bagmati Province, two people staying in the isolation ward in Bharatpur Hospital of Chitwan were tested positive. The provincial government has instructed on rescuing the people stranded in Bagmati Province. The ambulances are also instructed on being available for emergency. The ambulance services which deny operation will be brought under legal action.

In Gandaki Province, six labourers working for the Nagidhar Drinking Water trying to return home were stopped by the police at Birauta, Pokhara. The provincial government has not been able to manage their settlement but have assured them about him.

In Province 5, the 16 people staying in the quarantine of Badhani of India will not be brought to Nepal’s quarantine until next notice. A man walking from the past six days from Kanpur of India was held and kept in the quarantine. The price of the food grains have hiked in Lamahi market. The District Administration of Banke is planning on bringing back people living in the quarantine of the no man’s land.

In Karnali Province, the RDT kits have reached Dolpa after 25th day of the lockdown. They were provided with 140 RDT kits, 125 Malaria Kits and other blood testing kits. After the Salt Trading Corporation of Narakot was found distributing expired salt, it was sealed after. The daily-waged workers of Kalikot rural municipality 5 and 6 are provided with relief. Till now, 114 families have been provided with the relief. A person returning from Gorakhpur was diagnosed positive with COVID-19 in two of the tests. At present they are in isolation.

In Sudur Paschim Province, the government has sent 34 residential doctors to Sudur Paschim Province on 15 April in a flight. Though all the international borders have been closed, due to the import of vegetables, the markets in Sudur Paschim are at extreme risk. Every day, 10 to 12 trucks enter the border. The CDO of Baitadi has informed of bringing back the Nepalese stuck at the border.

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