Update of 16 April Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 17, 2020 By: INSEC

In a press conference held by the Ministry of Health and Population, till date 19,432 have been tested for corona virus infection. The PCR has tested 7,240 and the RDT has tested 12, 190 people. In different hospitals of the country, there are 103 people staying in isolation. Likewise, 4,901 are staying in quarantine. The government of Nepal has asked everyone returning back in the month of March to get examined through the RDT. They have also appealed all their families to come for RDT.

Supreme Court has instructed the cabinet, Ministry of Labour, Foreign Ministry to rescue all the Nepali citizens working abroad. The table of Justice Sapana Pradhan Malla decided to rescue every Nepali citizen affected by the pandemic. More than four million youths are working abroad.

Provincial Report

In Province 1, by 16 April 349 swabs have been tested, 283 out of them have tested negative and the other 66 reports are pending. In the quarantine, there are 538 people staying in it. Around 3,816 are living in home quarantine. In the entire province, there are 635 females and 3,181 males in home quarantine. Also, 826 have been examined through the RDT in which 825 reports are negative. Till 16 April 683 PPE have been distributed. In Panchthar, the ambulances do not carry patients until they are referred by the hospital, which is creating a problem. They are also having crisis of basic goods. On 16 April, SI Bhesh Bahadur Raut had beaten a health worker who was out for dressing his patient. The health workers of Dharan Sub Metropolitan are protesting against this act.

In Province 2, by 16 April 538 swabs have been tested, 454 out to them were found negative and the other 77 reports were pending. Four reports were found positive. Till 16 April, Province 2 has four positive cases of corona. All four of them are being treated in the isolation ward of Narayani Hospital Birgunj. All the eight districts of the province have conducted RDT on 625 people. Among them, two were found positive. Although two people were reported positive in Saptari, their swab test through PCR showed them negative, informed the Social Development Ministry. Till date, all the 162 quarantine has 1,137 people and 1,525 of them are in home quarantine after the doctors suggested them so. In Province 2, 12 are in isolation. The isolation capacity of the province is 220. Barthawa municipality has started distributing relief to 5,000 needy families. Considering the increase of infection, the District Police Office has started spreading disinfectants in their premises. They have also established an inquiry booth for consultation. Narayani Hospital has been provided with PCR machine. To utilize it, they need other machineries as well which is not available right now. It will take some days to start a laboratory in Narayani Hospital. After its establishment, PCR tests will increase. In two hours 20 swab tests will be possible.

In Bagmati Province, the provincial government has sent 136 million and seven hundred thousand to all the thirteen districts. The sent amount will be distributed to all the local levels and coordination committee for the crisis management. According to the cabinet meeting of Bagmati Province, Metropolitan Committee will get two million, sub metropolitan will get 1.5 million and municipalities will get 1.2 million and the rural municipalities will get one million. The District Coordination Committee’s Crisis Management will get five hundred thousand.

A 38-year-old man died while trying to cross the boundaries created for people follow the lockdown. There are more than 300 labourers stuck at the border of Dhading and Chitwan. They are starving in that place.

In Gandaki Province, the 65-year-old infected woman’s third round’s report was found negative. She will be sent back home if her swab test which will be taken after 24 hours results negative. Police has sent back eight labourers walking home from Baglung. Lamjung Besisahar Municipality is distributing free medicines to the regular users. The kidney patients are being taken in group of ¾ in ambulances for their treatment.

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In Province 5, till 16 May, 126 have been tested for corona infection and 24 results are still pending. Other 102 resulted negative. A ‘Food bank’ has been established at Tilotma Municipality to provide relief to needy families. A temporary security post has been established at the border of Dang.

In Karnali Province, to control the infection, Jumla had started the lockdown one the before the federal government. The police have confiscated 456 vehicles without the permit to travel. All the 11 wards have started distributing relief.

In Sudur Paschim Province, 1,893 have been tested with PCR and 4,333 have been tested with RDT. All the tests of the RDT were negative whereas, the tests from PCR diagnosed five positive cases. There were two more positive cases in Rukum. By 16 April, 6,874 samples have been collected and 648 reports are still pending. The needy families are getting rs three thousand as a relief. The provincial government has given eight million seventy thousand to the local level of Darchula.

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