Update of 15 April Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 16, 2020 By: INSEC

Till date, PCR and RDT has examined 15,800 suspects of COVID-19, informed the Ministry of Health and Population. Till date 8,929 have been tested through RDT and 6,871 have been tested through PCR. In Nepal, there have been 16 corona infected and one has recovered to date. The remaining 15 are being treated in different hospitals throughout the country. Five of them are being treated in Seti Provincial Hospital of Dhangadi and four of them are being treated in Narayani Hospital of Birgunj. The remaining six are being treated at Sukra Raj Tropical and Infectious Disease Hospital of Teku, Patan Hospital of Lagankhel and Dhaulagiri Hospital of Baglung.

After two from the same family residing in Block A of Suncity Apartment, Pepsi-cola were found infected with COVID-19, the other 298 were also examined through RDT. Except for the infected ones, the remaining 298 were found negative in the test, informed the Mayor of Manohara Municipality, Krishna Hari Thapa.

Provincial Report

In Province 1, a total of 248 have given swab test till date, out of which 266 have tested negative and remaining 18 have not received their reports as of now. Till 15 April, 665 people are staying in quarantine and 25 have been discharged. Also, 3,719 are in-home quarantine. In the entire province, 627 females and 3,092 males are in-home quarantine, informed the Cabinet. Till 15 April, 555 have been examined through RDT and resulted negative. In Province 1, 376 PPE have been distributed till 15 April.

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In Province 2, all the eight districts have quarantine in 161 places with bed capacity of 3,295. Till date 1,726 have stayed in quarantine and 1,577 are staying in-home quarantine. The isolation capacity of the Province is 220 and 15 are staying in isolation. From the ones in quarantine and isolation, 458 swabs have been collected and 281 reports were negative whereas four reports were positive. The remaining 173 reports are pending. RDT has examined 419 people in which 417 were found negative and two were positive. To trace the infection in the local level, the Social Development Ministry has allocated four teams of experts including a doctor, a representative of WHO, Public Health Expert and one Lab Technician.

Since the government was not able to distribute the relief on time, the needy and daily-waged workers had to face a tough time. Since there is an open border, even till now people try to escape from India and enter Nepal. On 15 April, 11 escaping from the SSP quarantine were found and kept in the quarantine of Tribhuwan SS, Gaushala, Mahottari. The Provincial Government is going to dismiss the Parliamentary Development Fund. They will be spending the amount for controlling corona pandemic.

In Bagmati Province, the Provincial Government will be providing seeds, manure, and other necessary materials to the farmers. The government will facilitate the farmers. The government of Nepal will be managing ‘E-pass’ to the travellers and the District Administration Office will be working strictly towards it. The local level is concerned about providing relief to the needy and daily-waged workers. All the districts are conducting RDT. Kavre district’s Bethanchowk Rural Municipality -4 has prohibited pedestrians as well. They decided to do this due to the increase in the number of people leaving for their home town. Dhading has prohibited the import of green vegetables and fruits from 16 April to 22 April.

In Gandaki Province, to control the infection of COVID-19, people staying in quarantine will be provided Rs 510 for their lunch, snacks, and dinner. All the three levels have allocated a budget of Rs 1.5 million to buy the necessary goods for controlling coronavirus infection. The locals have stopped using streets to make the lockdown effective. Locals of Tanahu and Parbat have used stones and bamboos to stop people from entering their villages. Till 15 April, there are not any new victims. Although on 14 April, a person from Gorkha was tested positive in RDT, the swab test was found negative. This also proves that RDT is not completely reliable. Relief distribution is on-going.

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In Province 5, the provincial cabinet has decided of providing two million to Butwal, Ghorahi and Tulsipur Sub-metropolitan and 2.5 million to Nepalgunj Sub-metropolitan. Other 31 municipalities inside the province will be getting 1.5 million each and 73 rural municipalities will be getting one million each. Likewise, 12 District Coordination Committee will get five hundred thousand each. The given amount should be spent only for the control of coronavirus. Also, the Provincial Assembly’s Secretariat has returned more than 80 million to the Provincial Government. Till now, no one has been found infected with the disease hence they are examining rapidly.

In Karnali Province, a coordination committee has been established with five members and INSEC Representative Nanda Singh as coordinator, to monitor the status of human rights in Humla district on 15 April. This was done after the instruction of the Nepal Human Rights Commission to monitor the condition of human rights in all 77 districts. In Rukum’s Aasbiskot, a hospital is being established specially for corona patients. This hospital was supposed to be constructed within 10 days and will be ready within two days now. The municipality has also managed a group of 18 health workers for the hospital. RDT was conducted on a 25-year-old who had travelled with the corona infected woman from Kailali. His result was negative. Jumla Public Health Service Office’s health workers are reaching all the quarantines and conducting RDT  on the people staying there. Nepal Food Corporation has resumed the sales of food grains since the halt created crisis of food grains in Humla. They had halted the service to control the crowd.

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In Sudur Paschim Province, Seti Provincial Hospital has been declared as Corona special hospital and has stopped other services from 15 April. The hospital will only be treating corona patients until the end of the pandemic. Due to this declaration, patients visiting from hilly areas and pregnant women will be affected. The hospital has been neonatal service to three hundred women regularly but from now on Nawa Jivan Hospital, Dhangadi will be providing then the service. But Nawa Jivan Hospital claims of not having enough infrastructures for the allocated task.

Nepalese staying at the quarantine of the border of Jhulaghat have demanded of returning home. They have been staying there from the past 14 days and are facing difficulty of food and shelter. Since there are a lot of people in the quarantine, they are also requesting to come back to Nepal and are ready to stay in the quarantine of Nepal. The CDO of Baitadi informed of sending a proposal to the Home Ministry informing them regarding the Nepalese stuck in the border. They also plan on bringing them back immediately after the proposal is accepted and keeping then in the quarantine here. Most Nepalese stuck in that particular quarantine have missed many important incidences in their family which also includes the death of their kin. There is no one in the isolation ward of Bajhang District Hospital and they also lack necessary PPE, gloves and masks.

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