Update of 14 May Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  May 15, 2020 By: INSEC

According to the Ministry of Health and Population, there are 249 cases of Covid-19 in Nepal out of them 199 are men and 50 are women. These people are from the age group 30 to 50. Recently, there has been increase in the COVID-19 positive cases in Kathmandu, after which lockdown has tightened in Kathmandu valley entirely. All the vehicle permits provided till date were dismissed from 14 May.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, Mohammad Adubkar Sultan (25) of India has been discharged from Koshi Hospital after recovery from corona virus. In Province 1, this is the 17th case of discharge. There are 35 cases recorded in Province 1 till date. Following are the numbers:

  • Udaypur: 32
  • Jhapa: 2
  • Bhojpur: 1

On 14 May, 367 swabs have been tested in Province 1.

  • Number of swabs till date: 2,919
  • Negative: 2,435
  • Pending: 446
  • Number of RDT till date: 8,933
  • Positive: 25
  • Negative: 8,908

Provincial Reports:

In Province 1, a total of 12,085 PCR and RDT test have been conducted in Province 1. Till 15 May, the PCR has tested 2,974 people. On 15 May, 55 samples were tested.  The province has established 5,816 bedded quarantine till 15 May. There are 173 women and 514 men staying in the quarantine. There are 8,255 in home quarantine.

In Province 2, on 15 May, four new cases of corona virus were detected. Till the 15 May, 4,980 swabs have been collected out of them 103 were positive. Till 15 May, 5,517 RDT were tested and 10 reported positive. There are 1,915 people staying in the quarantine. There are 4,688 in home quarantine and 108 are in isolation. In Province 2, there are 42 media persons, two National Investigation Office’s employees and 58 health officers and employees gave their swab for text.

In Bagmati Province, in Kathmandu Metropolitan City, the people involved in garbage management were taken for corona test. The hospital in Teku has collected their RDT and swabs. Patan hospital in Lalitpur has admitted 11 people in the isolation ward. The three cases of Covid-19 have been admitted in the ICU of the hospital.

In Gandaki Province, till 15 May 788 swabs have been collected out of which 764 reports were negative, 22 results are pending. Till 15 May, a total of 6,932 RDT has been conducted. The province has seen three cases of corona till date- two in Baglung and one in Nawalaparasi East. Gandaki Province will now only be testing people through PCR.

In Province 5, there are the highest numbers of infected people. There are 105 infected people in Province 5. The eight people rescued through the Nepal-India border and brought to Banke, Nainapur rural municipality were found infected. Out of the 45 swabs, eight resulted positive. There were 441 people rescued from India and brought back to Nainapur rural municipality. The infections were found from Banke Nainapur rural municipality’s ward no. 1,3 and 5 among the males of age 18,20,22,25,25,27,32 and 36. Out of 10 local levels in Kapilbastu, eight local levels have been detected with the virus. There are three cases found in Dang district. They were diagnosed on 15 May.

In Karnali Province, to examine the people staying in quarantine in Humla since 13 April, teams of health officers have been mobilized in all seven local levels. After different districts were detected with the virus, transportation and travelling has been tightened in Humla. With the help of CBN Nepal, IFN Jumla and Disabled Rehabilitation and Development Centre has provided relief to 35 visually-impaired and wheelchair users.

In Sudur Paschim Province, a 50-year-old person of Bajhang was tested positive in RDT and is kept in isolation and his swab is sent for test.  All the health workers, security personnel and people’s representative working in the front line during the crisis at the Duhu rural municipality-2 gave RDT test. The vaccination process halted due to the lockdown has been resumed in Doti’s Dipayal.

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