Update of 14 April Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  April 15, 2020 By: INSEC

The total number of infected has reached 16 in Nepal. In the past 24 hours, new 584 tests have been taken. In a press conference held by the Ministry of Health and Population on 14 April, the spokesperson of the Ministry, Dr Bikash Devkota informed regarding the infection that was found positive in a 58-year-old male and 81-year-old female living in the Suncity Apartment of Manohara Municipality, Pepsi-cola. They had returned from England on 18 March 2020.

According to the Ministry, out of 16 infected ones, the first infected person has recovered. In the National Public Health Laboratory, 4,819 swabs have been tested and in the last 24 hours, 387 swabs have been tested. Out of the laboratory, 1,480 tests have been taken. The Rapid Diagnostic Test (RDT) has tested 6,607 people. Meanwhile, the toll-free number for health consultation- 1133 and 1115 has received 2,688 calls in the past 24 hours. The mobile app, Hamro Swasthya has been downloaded by more than 44 thousand users, informed the Ministry of Health and Population.

The cabinet meeting held on 14 April has decided to prolong the nationwide lockdown till 27 April 2020. Since the number of infected ones has increased, the government has decided to continue the lockdown.

Provincial Reports

In Province 1, 251 swab tests have been taken till 14 April. Out of them, 239 reports were negative. The remaining 12 reports are pending. Till 14 April, a total of 538 people have stayed in quarantine. Out of them, 53 have been discharged. In the home quarantine, there are 3,680 people. Till 14 April 402 people have been examined with RDT and all of them were found negative and till date, Province 1 has received 2,664 Personal Protection Equipment (PPE). Progressive Engineering Association Nepal (PEAN) has constructed booths for Corona test and handed it over to the provincial government. Koshi Hospital has constructed a booth and handed it to Social Development Minister Jivan Ghimire. Ncell has provided free sim cards to Ghimire for the health workers delegated for providing health service. Also, the stranded 64 in the hotels of Kakadvitta were sent to their houses. There were rescued in two buses which left for Kathmandu and Dhangadi.

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In Province 2, the Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut led a meeting with the leaders of all the political parties in which he instructed on being careful regarding the open border and to tighten the border security. The locals of the Pakaha Mainpur Rural Municipality-3 have denied receiving the relief provided by the government. They denied it by claiming it to be against the criteria of the government. There was a clash between the locals and people’s representatives on 14 April at Ishworpur Municipality-15. The clash was regarding distribution of relief, the locals claimed of not having names of 160 residents in the relief distribution list. The police had to fire tear-gas to control the clash. The Coronavirus Prevention and Control Fund has been receiving support and the quarantine and relief distribution is ongoing.

In Bagmati Province, the RDT taken in Kavre has shown two positive cases. The test was found positive in a 28-year-old man who had returned from India and the other one was a 21-year-old man who had returned from Dubai.

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In Gandaki Province, they have been identifying the people returning from abroad and taking their swab tests. The RDT had shown some positive tests which later in swab tests were found negative. The RDT has been taken on 2011 people till date. Till 14 April two infected people have been found in Baglung. Meanwhile, in all the districts, the needy people and their families are receiving relief. The health workers lack PPE, masks and sanitizers which has been mentioned in their reports.

In Province 5, the people staying in quarantine have started retuning back after completing their 14 days long stay. Their test result in the RDT was found negative. The police arrested two people, who were found sneaking in through the Indian border on 13 April. Police has also arrested 28-year-old Dipak Neupane for spreading fake news regarding the corona victims.

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In Karnali Province, under the chairmanship of the Chief Minister a meeting was held for the Prevention, Control and Treatment by the provincial government Province Crisis Management Centre has taken some decisions regarding following the lockdown. They have decided to keep going with the development works that uses machineries. Until further instructions, products coming from the other provinces will not be allowed to enter but since it is time for seasonal harvest, the local farmers will be allowed to be involved in it. People staying in the quarantine of Simkot were sent back before completing 13 days. From Jumla, 324 swabs have been sent to Kathmandu for the test. If anyone is found disobeying the lockdown, they will be fined Rs 10,000, decided the local government.

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In Sudur Paschim Province, the local Dalit families have appealed the ward office to provide them relief. Four locals working in India as labourers have returned swimming and crossing Mahakali river. Naugad rural municipality has declared of giving relief packages to the needy families they have tested 225 people through the PCR technology and all of them resulted negative.

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