Update Of 11 July Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  July 12, 2020 By: INSEC

In the past 24 hours 70 additional cases of corona virus infection has been diagnosed nationwide. According to the spokesperson of the Ministry of Health and Population, Dr Jageshwor Gautam, till 11 July 2020, 279,599 PCR have been conducted and out of them 16,719 were diagnosed with the disease. According to the ministry, 8,442 have been discharged after recovery and 8,239 are being treated. The disease has killed 38 people nationwide.

Provincial Reports


Province Total Cases Discharged Active Case Death
1 756 551 205 0
2 4287 2290 1993 4
Bagmati 787 331 447 9
Gandaki 1251 360 886 5
5 4055 2363 1682 10
Karnali 1669 1280 385 4
Sudur Pashchim 3914 1267 2641 6
Total 16719 8442 8239 38


In Province 2,

According to the District Representative of Dhanusha, Dipendra Prasad Singh, the PCR machine installed at the provincial laboratory of Janakpur had stopped working since the 7 July 2020 and it has affected the PCR of 357 people staying in the quarantines of different places of Dhanusha.

According to the District Representative of Rautahat, Kopila Timilsina, 1,177 people have been discharged after recovery from different quarantines and isolations of the district. Along with the terror of corona, terai has been suffering heavy rainfall. The district security committee has published information regarding resuming the public transportation maintaining proper physical distancing and safety throughout the district. They will not be allowed to take more than 50% of the estimated fare.

In Gandaki Province, on 11 July, additional 14 cases have been diagnosed and with this, there are 1,176 additional cases registered in the province. The number of recovery has reached 697 till date.

According to the District Representative of Tanahu, Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, a 66-years-old man staying in the quarantine of Sharada college of Bhanu municipality-2 has died on 11 July. He had returned from India and he died while he was being taken to Pokhara. His swab sample has been collected for corona test.

In Karnali Province,

According to the District Representative of Dailekh, Amar Sunar, Narayan Municipality was provided by INSEC Karnali Province chemicals for corona test in the laboratory while Dungeswor Rural Municipality was provided sanitizers, masks and face covers, gloves, gown and boot for health workers, informed Narayan Subedi, Coordinator of INSEC Karnali. The mayor of the municipality Ratna Bahadur Khadka and chairperson of the rural municipality ward- 6 thanked INSEC.

In Sudur Paschim Province,

According to the District Representative of Kanchanpur, Komal Niranjan Bhat, INSEC has provided health equipment to Purnabas municipality of Dhangadi. They provided 150 soaps, 1,600 masks, disposable gloves 100 and 500ml sanitizers.




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