Update of 1 June Regarding Corona Virus Infection

  June 2, 2020 By: INSEC

The corona virus has infected almost two thousand people in the country. There are 168 infected in Province 1, 694 in Province 2, 46 in Bagmati Province, 26 in Gandaki Province, 634 in Province 5, 198 in Karnali Province and 45 in Sudur Paschim Province. There are total 1,811 corona virus infected people in all over the country out of which eight have died and 221 have been discharged after recovery.

Provincial Reports:

In Province 1, the Government of Tibet has provided health equipment worth 77.4 million. The materials were handed over to the Chief Minister Sherdhan Rai on 1 June. A team led by District Coordination Committee’s Chief Gopal Raj Bhandari went for monitoring the capacity, condition and physical improvement of the quarantines of the municipality and rural municipality on 1 June. After monitoring, the concerned commissions were informed regarding the improvements. The team had monitored the toilets, health worker’s management and ambulance facility of the quarantine and informed regarding its improvement to the local level.

In Province 2, according to INSEC’s District Representative Mohan Kumar Pokharel, in a meeting held by District Coordination Committee Saptari on 1 June, the chiefs of the local level have warned to leave the committee if the administration doesn’t follow the direction and criteria made for managing the quarantine. The meeting has asked the Ministry of Social Development and the Ministry of Health and Population to provide enough VTM kits for PCR test. Policeman Rameswor Yadav recruited for the safety of the quarantine of Sakardahi’s school was beaten by the people of the quarantine as he was found keeping an unknown woman with him at night in his room. Assistant Health Worker Anil Barbariya was also beaten by those same people when he tried to the Policeman Yadav. Due to heavy rainfall, the quarantine of Thakur School of Kankalini Municipality-12 had its room filled with water which has created problem to the people living in that place. After 31 people being treated in the isolation of Provincial hospital Dhanusha were not provided with nutritious food, Non-governmental Community Organization Sano Paila has started providing them with nutritious food according to the criteria of World Health Organization. They feed those people four times a day and it costs them Rs 327 per head, informed the organization’s chairperson Sudip Kumar Lama. In Mahottari’s Bhangaha Municipality-3 Ram Prit Sada Musahar was beaten by the ward chairperson’s brother after he went to ask for 50kg rice, 10kg lentils, 5ltrs oil and 3kg salt as a relief. Previously they had got just 8kg rice, 300g lentils, 1ltr oil anAll News categoriesd 1kg salt for relief. The isolation of Malangwa Municipality-2 Nursing College is also not in a good condition. The people staying in the isolation are not getting food on time. There is no provision of soaps, sanitizers, mosquito net and detergents, complaint a 24-year-old man staying in the quarantine. There is no private toilet for those staying in isolation. Out of 18 local levels in Rautahat district, 17 has the infection spread in their territories.

In Bagmati Province, the family of a senior citizen from Dolakha’s Bhimeshwor Municipality-2 who was found positive with corona are experiencing discrimination from the neighbours. In Bhaktapur, there are 14 ambulances including those of the municipality, hospital, Nepal Red Cross Society but none of them agree to carry patients due to the fear of coronavirus infection. The ambulance drivers complain of not having proper protection materials because of which they are hesitating to carry the patients. The ambulances do not agree to go to the Teku Hospital where most of the corona patients are being treated.

In Gandaki Province, the ambulance driver denied bringing a 3-year-old corona virus patient of Binayi Triveni-3 for treatment at Madhyabindu District Hospital. The locals had brought the baby wearing a PPE. The quarantines of Parbat are having problem in accommodating the people returning from India. They were kept in the pulling quarantine and sent only after swab test. They are kept in very crowded rooms. The administration has decided to use hotels as quarantines due to lack of management in the quarantines. Two of the hotels with capacity to hold 40 people have now 98 people in them. There is no proper provision of drinking water and water for going to the toilet.

In Province 5, a 25-bedded quarantine has been established for women in Gulariya Municipality of Bardiya. There is one child and four women in it. There are women police delegated for security of that place. There are 505 women out of 4,463 people staying in the quarantine. Since keeping men and women in the same quarantine hampered the privacy of women and their sanitation cycle, this step was taken.

In Karnali Province, people staying in quarantine at Bhedikharka were kept as cattle in a tent covered with plastic. There are almost 25 people under one shed. This quarantine also has infants. They are sleeping on the floor. These people have not been tested with PCR or RDT. In Salyan’s Kupinde municipality, people are spending nights in the floor of a school where they were quarantined. People staying in the quarantine of Prabhakar Secondary School are using tents to stay since there is scarcity of rooms. Some of them are staying in a temple nearby. Infected people found on 30 May were denied to be kept in the corona specialized hospital. They were later sent to Surkhet hospital. The people staying in the quarantine of Hotel Chandra Surya of Kalikot have complaint of getting food of degraded quality which has let them to diarrhoea and vomiting. There are 271 of them rescued from India and staying in the hotel. The hotel is neither providing them healthy food nor maintaining social distancing. There are 6 to 7 people in one room.  The people staying in different quarantines of Dailekh have been protesting because they are not getting nutritious food and quality living in the quarantine. Likewise, at Narayan municipality, people living in the quarantine are protesting since those resulting positive in PCR have also been staying with them.

In Sudur Paschim Province, in Darchula the relief distribution is not meeting any criteria. The locals complain that the relief being distributed to them was not enough for even a week. People coming from different borders on 21 May were kept in the quarantine of Marma rural municipality-7 but due to lack of testing kits, they are still not examined. In Baitadi, since people are coming to Nepal through India on a regular basis, there isn’t any proper management of quarantine or their test. There are four thousand Nepalese in the quarantine and there are only 800 testing kits. People who have already completed their quarantine duration are also stuck there due to lack of testing kit.

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