Unrepaired X-ray machine in Jogbudha Hospital Created Problems to Patients

  May 8, 2024 By: INSEC

The patients and service holders coming for x-ray in the Jogbudha Hospital  have to suffer since the x-ray machine in the hospital has not been repaired even after a month has passed.

Prena Nepali, a local, expressed that they are compelled to pay high travel expenses to reach the district headquarters, Dadeldhura and Dhangadhi for X-ray after the machine broke down. The Jogbudha hospital is the only hospital in inner terai serving half of the district’s population. She further highlighted that most of the patients had to be deprived of treatment due to the breakdown of the X-ray machine and urged the necessity for the relevant bodies to take  immediate initiatives to repair the machine.

Arjun Dhami, another local, said that most of the people coming from different places of inner terai have to return home without treatment. He further mentioned that the X-ray machine used to break down from time to time in the past as well. However, it used to be operated  after four to five hours. This year,  the x-ray machine is not repaired yet even after a month has passed.

More than 100 patients visit the hospital daily, but those needing X-ray services often have to return home or travel to the district headquarters or other districts for X-rays. Arjun Nepali, the Radiographer of the hospital explained that patients face such issues because of electricity problems and due to the hospital lacking a proper room to keep the X-ray machine. This leads to frequent breakdowns of the machine.

Medical Superintendent Dr. Jitendra Chaudhary said that the X-ray machine was sent to Dhangadhi for repair due to a problem with the hardware of the machine. However, It’s taking longer because the needed materials aren’t available in Dhangadi and have to be brought from Kathmandu. Moreover, the problem will be solved soon.

Sher Bahadur Bhandari