Unrepaired School Building Caused Disruption in Education

  June 3, 2024 By: INSEC

A week has passed since the storm on May 26 blew off the roof of Siddhanath Secondary School in Parashuram Municipality-6, Chandani. However, the damage remains unrepaired causing disruptions to education.

Mansingh Dhami, a teacher at the school, expressed concern that even after a week since the wind blew off the roof of the school’s four-room building, educational activities in the school have been disrupted due to the lack of maintenance. He added that despite facing similar problems in the past, the concerned authorities did not address them on time.

Similarly, Ramesh Singh, a student, stated that since the wind blew off the roof of the school, they have been facing difficulties in studying. He mentioned that no one is paying attention to repair the roof of the school building and they are unable to stay in the school during extreme heat. Ramesh further added that he has not gone to school for five days.

Similarly, Sapana Dhami, another student, expressed that they are compelled to study in the open ground since the wind blew away one side of the school’s roof. She additionally highlighted the challenges they are facing including extreme heat and rain while studying outdoors.

Likewise, Principal Gauridatta Bhattarai of the school reported that, despite informing the Education Department of the Municipality about the situation, no action has been taken regarding the reconstruction. He added that students are compelled to study in the open ground, and the school has been operating through combined classes. Although the Education Department  has conducted an inspection, the building has not yet been repaired.

On the other hand, Mayor Bharat Badayar Joshi of Parshuram Municipality emphasized that they have inspected the extent of the damage the school has faced and assured that they will soon repair the school building. The school is holding a total of 300 students studying from class one to twelve.

Sherbahadur Bhandari