Unidentified Group Perpetrated Arson on Excavator

  July 22, 2023 By: INSEC

The authorities have reported that an unidentified group perpetrated an act of arson on an excavator located in Thulungdudhkoshi Rural Municipality. The incident occurred on July 20 and targeted the excavator belonging to Radur Construction Company, which was actively involved in the construction of a road utilized by Dudhkoshi Hydropower.

District Police Inspector Ram Kishore Sah confirmed that the unknown perpetrators intentionally set fire to the excavator while it was being used for road construction. The specific route of the road being constructed was identified as stretching from Thulungdudhkoshi Rural Municipality-4 Bade Bridge to Dudhkoshi Hydropower-2 Pancham.

As a result of the deliberate act, the front portion of the excavator sustained severe damage, rendering it inoperable. The estimated cost of the damages incurred due to this incident is believed to range between 20 to 35 lakh rupees.

In response to the occurrence, the District Police Office has initiated an investigation to identify and apprehend the individuals responsible for this criminal act.

INSEC Koshi Province, Biratnagar