Unavailability of Blood In District, Woman with Labor Complications Suffers for Three Days

  May 22, 2023 By: INSEC

Asmita Tamta, 19, of Gopka, Kharpunath Rural Municipality-1, was referred to a hospital outside the district, after three days of struggle to acquire O-negative blood within the district. According to her husband Raju Kami Tamta, Asmita’s labor contractions started on May 15, and she was admitted to District Hospital Humla on June 17, however, due to a lack of blood for transfusion, on June 19, the hospital referred her to a hospital outside the district.

According to him, the baby died in the stomach while at home, but he did not know. Kami said that his wife is getting sicker day by day. He had to transport her to another hospital by helicopter, as there Humla Hospital lacked resources.

Sarita Bohra, Acting Office Head of the District Hospital informed that Tamta had to be referred outside the district after they could not find the required group blood.

Acting Office Head Bohra said that the hospital is facing this problem for the past 20/25 years. They have requested the Nepal Red Cross Humla branch to establish a blood bank, but it could not be solved.

Chief Bohra said that the sick woman was rescued, and transported to a hospital outside the district on May 19 by helicopter.

Assistant Chief District Officer Amrit Prasad Subedi the District Administration Office sent a letter to the Ministry of Women, Children, and Senior Citizens in Kathmandu stating the insufficient resources in the district hospital. As a result, hospital, the women undergoing labor complications are being transported to Surkhet for further treatment through the Presidential Women’s Upliftment Program of Tamta.

Nanda Singh