Two Boys Beaten on Charge of Theft

  August 26, 2016 By: INSEC

The victims party of two boys Bala Ram Karki,12 of Dandigurase-1 and Amish Nepali,13 have accused police of beating them on charge of stealing slippers.

The victim’s father of Bala Ram has lodged a complaint at District Police Office on August 25 seeking for justice after the boy was injured in a beating.

Two boys were injured in a police beatings however only Bala Ram’s father came for lodging complaint.

DSP Shyam Saru Magar of District Police Office of Sindhuli said that the accused has been summoned to the office after the complaint was lodged by the victim’s party.

Police from Dandigurans police post in command of ASI Bal Raj Giri have beaten boys on charge of stealing slippers according to victims. The victims said that they were controlled by police on August 20 and beaten for three days.

Both the victims are undergoing treatment at District Hospital. They sustained legs and hand injuries.

DSP Magar said that the action against the accused will be taken if found guilty.

Bimala Pandey