Truck and Motorcycle Set on Fire by Unindentified Parties

  November 9, 2022 By: INSEC

On the night of November 7, unknown parties set fire to two trucks and a motorcycle in Jawavari and Bahadurganj areas of Chandrauta Krishnanagar road section located in Shivraj Municipality-5.

DSP Min Bahadur Ghale of the District Police Office informed that an unknown party set fire to two trucks numbered Na 5 B 1453 and  02001 B/0578 respectively and a motorcycle numbered Lu 5 P 9287 of Karnali Province.

According to DSP Ghale, a leaflet of Nepal Janatantrik Mukti Morcha urging to boycott of the election was found near the truck.

DSP Ghale informed that the incident is further being investigated and evidence regarding the identity of the arsonists hasn’t been discovered yet.

Parbati Acharya