Lack of health professionals raises difficulties on investigating rape incidents

  November 10, 2018 By: INSEC

There is a difficulty on conducting investigation on rape incident because of not having health checkup facilities at Karnali institute of health and science in Jumla. The health checkup of victim and perpetrator is the major evidence in rape incidents and because of not having such facilities, the investigation is affected and victims are deprived of getting justice.

On November 4, two women of Tila Rural Municipality-4 were raped while fetching grasses in nearby jungle. After the incident, the District Police Office of Jumla contacted the Karnali Institute of Health and Science for their health checkup however the institute denied conducting the health service saying that they do not have expert on this field and as per the Muluki Ain, such checkup must be conducted only by the expert.

Registrar Bishwo Raj Kafle of the institute said that “until now, there are no such facilities in the hospital however we are going to expand such service in near future”. Both victims were sent to neighboring district of Kalikot for health checkup.

ASI Sita Ram Rijal of DPO Jumla said that they were sent to Kalikot for health checkup with the intention of providing them justice. Police said that the accused are at large and search for them is undergoing.

On a same day, 32 years old woman was raped by 45 years old Bhaire Sarki of Patarasi Rural Municipality-2. He was arrested by the police on November 7 based on a complaint lodged by the victim.

From the last six months, seven incidents of rape were reported in Jula and all incidents are under legal process according to DPO, Jumla.


Man Datta Rawal