Three Teachers Arrested for Sexual Abuse

  December 26, 2022 By: INSEC

Gaindakot police office has arrested three teachers of Bijay Elementary School located in Gaindakot municipality-8 on the charge of sexually abusing students during the picnic organized by the school.

On December 25, police arrested the principal of the school, Krishna Sapkota, teachers Madan Bhattarai and Kumar Sapkota, after the students and their parents protested in the school premises on Decemeber 26, saying that they had sexually assaulted the students during the picnic organized by the school at Kankali Community Forest in Chitwan.

SP Bhuvneshwar Tiwari of District Police Office Nawalparasi said that no case has been registered in the district as the incident site is in Chitwan district.

He said that the three teachers who were arrested are under the control of the Local police office and coordination is being done with Chitwan police regarding the incident.




TirthaRaj Dumre