Three injured in a clash during vote counting

  June 29, 2017 By: INSEC

In Chabis Pathibher Village council, a clash has been reported between cadres of CPN UML and Maoist center on June 29.

In a clash , vote counting representatives along with three were injured. Police have controlled six cadres of Maoist center from the incident site.

Among the injured are Sagar Bhatta of ANNISU, UML cadre Subash Bhatta, Siddha Raj Thapa .

The cadres of UML were attacked on charge of informing police about the Maoist cadres making noise in an inebriated state on the Election Day. All injured are receiving treatment at District Hospital.

The Maoist cadres are obstructing the vote counting process and demanding a release of their cadres however police denied of arresting Maoist cadres. Police said that baton were charged in order to control the mob after the situation becomes tensed.


Prakash B.K