Thousands of students Deprived of Education Rights

  September 19, 2016 By: INSEC

The District Education Office said that almost two thousand students of the district are still out of reach from schools.

One study showed that students in VDCs of western part of the district are out from the reach of schools. According to the data of District Education Office, Rolpa, those students includes 257 Dalit male students and 300 female students. Similarly, there are 392 indigenous male students and 436 female students and other 241 make and 267 female students who are not within the reach of schools.

In the district, there are 1893 students out of the schools according to DEO.

District Education Officer Chiranjibi Paudel said that the main reason behind this is poverty. There are other various domestic reason that had left students out from the schools.


Madhav Kumar Oli