The Ward Chairperson Headed out of the District,  Beneficiaries Affected.

  December 24, 2022 By: INSEC

Local citizens of Simkot Rural Municipality-7 Dandafaya are facing problems after Balvir Shahi, the Ward Chairperson, headed out of the district for personal work without leaving further instructions to ward members. Kali Bahadur Sunar, a local, has complained that the work of the local citizens has been disrupted since the chairperson went outside the district to Bajura for his work on December 14.

According to Sunar,  he went to the ward office on December 21 to ask for the recommendation for agricultural farm registration, but his work was disrupted due to the absence of the ward chairperson. He said, since the ward president is out of the district and no one is left in charge of the executive duties, more than ten service recipients have to return empty-handed every day.

Services such as birth, death, marriage registration, various agricultural firms, migration recommendation, etc. available from the ward office have been affected.

Ward Chairperson Shahi, went out of the district taking an official leave for two-four days. However, he has not returned to the district even after two weeks.

On the same issue, he admitted the nature of his urgent work, he could not entrust any member of the ward with the executive duties. Although he had left behind some signed letter pads at the ward office, there have been problems with various other functions.

Beneficiary has been hounding Ward Member Ang Bahadur Shahi for accountability, but he insists on not being accountable for the problem. Even if he is not responsible for the existing problem he objects to the lack of accountability taken by the Chairperson.

Nanda Singh