The Number of Women Giving Birth at Home in Kuhu, Mangla Rural Municipality Remains Same

  March 4, 2024 By: INSEC

Pregnant women in Mangala Rural Municipality-1, Kuhu still give birth at home. When a team under the leadership of Rajkumar Thapa, the Chief of the District Vaccination Coordination Committee and the Chief of the District Coordination Committee reached the Kuhu health post, it was found that women are still giving birth at home.

Rajkumar Thapa said that they came to monitor the vaccination in the health post and found that women are still giving birth at home.

Lekhnath Roka, the Chief of Health Department of Mangala Rural Municipality informed that 25 women have become pregnant in the current fiscal year. Among them, two gave birth at home, while all others have given birth in designated health institutions. He stated that, despite the efforts to conduct routine pregnancy check-ups and provide vaccinations for newborns, the progress towards implementing the zero home delivery policy this year is affected by the two women who gave birth at home.

Bhuwan Thakurathi, Acting Chief of Health Office Myagdi, said that the statistics showed that 20 women of the age of 20 years were pregnant in Mangala Rural Municipality-1 and two of them gave birth at home. Among them were 28-year-old Harikala Pariyar and 32-year-old Mina Roka. As per Roka,  the Chief of the Department of Health of the Rural Municipality, although they tried to bring them to the birthing center in Kuhu, the women gave birth at home.

Seven women under the age of 20 have given birth in the Rural Municipality. Roka informed that there were three births each at Bukeni and Arman Birthing Centers in Mangala Rural Municipality and one at Babiyachaur.

Amrit Prasad Poudel