The Bodies of the Jha Couple Found after a Month of Abduction 

  March 29, 2021 By: INSEC

The bodies of Musafir Jha, 65, of Sahodwa and Gita Devi, 60, of Jhaki were found buried in Pipara-2 on Thursday. Police said that salt was used to melt the body.

The Jha couple had eaten and slept on the evening of March 25. However, in the morning, the couple went missing with their bed. The bodies of the Jha couple were found buried in the ground 30 days after the incident.

Police have concluded that the Jha couple was killed because they refused to sell the land. Usha Jha, the youngest daughter-in-law of the Jha couple, said, “We had dinner and went to sleep in our own room.” The next morning my room was locked. Anshu, the eldest sister-in-law living in a nearby house, opened the door. Mother-in-law was not at home. The rooms were also open. ‘

The bodies of 65-year-old Musafir Jha and 60-year-old Geeta Devi of Sahodwa of Pipra Rural Municipality-5 were found on Thursday.

Thus, the police investigation began. 

Musafir Jha was a retired Non-gazette officer of the Land Revenue Office. Therefore, the police were investigating the suspicion of recidivism.

In the process, it was found that Musafir being pressured by Harendra to sell the land.

The land was near the house of Thakur’s partner Rambabu Yadav. Police launched an investigation on the basis that the collected information.

Police conducted further investigation and arrested Rambabu Yadav and his sons Surendra Yadav, 26, and Rajendra Yadav, 24.

Blood was found outside Rambabu’s house. However, a police officer assigned to the investigation said that the investigation was focused on Rambabu after the test in the forensic science laboratory confirmed that it was human blood.

Police analyzed the call detail record (CDR) and location of land-owner Indian citizen Harendra Thakur. 

In that context, Thakur came to Janakpurdham from Kathmandu on February 22 and returned the next day. Police also arrested Thakur from Kathmandu and took him to Mahottari. However, in the statement, Thakur did not admit that he had reached Janakpur from Kathmandu.

“Examining the veracity of the statement by taking it to the polygraph branch, Thakur was found to have lied 99 per cent,” said DIG Dhiraj Pratap Singh, the state police chief. “This added to the suspicion of his involvement.”

After that, a team from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) was called and an investigation was started, police officials said.

The bureau had deployed a team of inspectors to investigate. The CIB presented the investigation of the team of the District and Provincial Police Office. However, the couple’s condition remained unknown.

The detainees did not plead guilty, but after seeing their involvement, the Mahottari police held a press conference and made the four public.

“Four people were found involved in the incident after a blood transfusion was found at Rambabu’s house, a receipt was found and technical analysis was done,” said SP Dinesh Acharya of the District Police Office.

Police suspect that someone may have killed the Jha couple and buried the body or thrown it in a pond with a heavy object.

“We searched 42 ponds in Mahottari and Dhanusha,” said DIG Singh. “We also used rafting boats in the search.”

A police team had reached Pipra-2, two kilometres west-south of the Jha couple’s house on March 25 while searching for the suspect.

According to DIG Singh, the couple’s body was found while digging. “Looking at the condition of the body, it looks like it was killed and buried immediately after the abduction,” he said.

Murder for refusing to sell the land

According to the police, Harendra Thakur had tried to buy 14 katthas of land from the Jha couple with the intention of plotting. Jha’s wife Gita Devi disagreed with the sale of the land that Thakur wanted.

Her husband did not want to sell the land either. According to an official involved in the investigation, they had been urging for a year and a half for the land. Neighbours say they were threatened by Thakur.

Ward chairperson Shambhu Prasad Yadav also said that neighbours told him about the land dispute after the Jha couple went missing. The Jha couple was killed after being abducted as they did not sell the land, said DIG Singh.


Ajay Kumar Sah