Team of Human Rights Activists Provide Food Aid

  September 28, 2022 By: INSEC

A local level Human Rights team of Bajnath Municipality, formed under INSEC, has provided food aid to an underprivileged person with a disability.

With the initiative of INSEC, Kamal Bahadur Basnet, 37, resident of Baijnath Municipality-4 and a patient of kidney failure was provided food aid.

INSEC’s District Facilitator along with the officials of the Human Rights team visited Basnet’s residence after being informed about his financial struggle due to his physical disability.

The monitoring team recovered that Basnet’s financial situation was pitiful where he was struggling to feed himself. He was burdened financially because of his weekly dialysis. He was living in a rented room because he couldn’t afford to maintain the house. His house has been inhabitable because of water leakage.

According to the team’s coordinator, Tulsi Gyawali, the team, through a fund collection, provided food worth two thousand and has officially requested the municipality and the ward to aid in the maintenance of Basnet’s house.

Laxmi Tharu