Teacher Complains of Unpaid Salary

  June 5, 2023 By: INSEC

Srijana Bhattarai, a teacher, has complained that she has not received her salary as a teacher at Janakalyan Secondary School in Dhankuta Municipality-10.

Bhattarai, a teacher, complained that she was not paid for her work after being assigned to the third-grade science subject at the lower secondary level on October 25, 2019. Despite being transferred from Dhankuta to Saraswati Secondary School in Morang on July 8, 2022, she has not yet received Rs 70,000 worth of her unpaid salary.

She says that out of the salary of total unpaid salary of Rs, 90,860 she was owed by Janakalyan school from April 15-July 15, 2023, she has only Rs. 40, 860 rupees received through the bank transfer. She submitted a written application for pending salary on August 8, 2022, seh received part of her salary on June 5, 2023. The school has retained Rs 50,000 of her salary as “school support”.

Bhattarai formally complained to the Judicial Committee of Dhankuta Municipality on November 13, 2022, to Bhima Khanal, the coordinator of the Judicial Committee of Dhankuta Municipality. However, the committee took no action.

Principal Janakalyan Secondary School Chiranjeevi Dahal said that it was  Dahal said that Bhattrai had initially volunteered to donate money to the school to ensure her transfer. Srijan Bhattarai asked the school to pay her for her help to fill the vacant position. However, the school appointed a teacher in the position on their own, without her support. Hence, he denied to pay her any amount.

Bhima Khanal, the coordinator of the Dhankuta Municipal Judicial Committee, said that they will contact both sides and initiate efforts to solve the problem.

Ishwor Thapa