Teacher and Government Employees Involved in Election Campaign against Code of Conduct

  May 6, 2022 By: INSEC

Teachers and government employees have been found involved in the election campaign organized by the political parties for the local level election to be held on May 13, 2022.

As per Prakash Chandra Bhattarai, Tanahu District Representative, employees and teachers from community schools have been involved in the election campaign.

Majority of the campaigners of Nepali Congress in Byas Municipality are community school teachers and government employees.

Since the new academic session has not been resumed after the completion of the examination, the teachers from community schools have been involved in the election campaigning.

Teachers, government employees and permanent and contract based employees from Byas Municipality are involved in the campaigning team of Nepali congress’s mayoral candidate, Baikuntha Neupane.

Similarly, campus professor and employees of non-government organization are also involved in the election campaign.

Election code of conduct has restricted the teachers from being involved in the campaigning of election in favour or against any political parties or candidates.

Similarly, election code of conduct also stipulates that the government employees shall not write or express their opinions on social media in a way that impacts the election.

Despite what has been mentioned in the election code of conduct, community school teachers, government employees and municipality employees can be seen participating in the election campaign.

Laxmi Bhakta Khanal, District Chief of Nepal Congress stated that since the teachers and employees are eligible voters, their involvement in the election campaign around their community during holidays doesn’t amount to the violation of election code of conduct.

He said that the congress party has not instructed the teachers and government employees to get involved in the election.

One of the teachers who went to the election campaign stated that he went to the paty campaigning only to hear the remarks as the program was being held on his own ward.

Hari Prasad Dhakal, Chief of District election office said that the verbal complaint had been lodged against the teachers and staffs who were involved in the election campaign.

Stating that no written complaints has been lodged against the government officials and teachers participating in the election campaign, he stated that he would recommend the complaints to the election commission for further investigation upon receiving the written complaints along with evidences about the violation.

As per Shrijana Panta, Baglung District Representative, the education development and coordination unit of Baglung has drawn attention towards the involvement of teachers in the election campaign contrary to the election code of conduct.

Kushmaaraj Upadhyaya, unit chief, said that action will be taken against the teachers once their involvement in the election campaign is proven.

The unit has sent a written notice to the school asking them not to conduct or be involved in any actions contrary to the election code of conduct.

Unit chief, Upadhyaya stated that initiative has been taken to discourage the involvement of teachers in the party’s election campaign after receiving complaints regarding the same.

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