Teacher Accuses Principal of Misbehaviour and Beating

  June 19, 2022 By: INSEC

Goma Karki, 44, a teacher at Dandagaun in Diprung Chuichumma Rural Municipality-2 has accused Laxmi Poudel, 46, principal of the school, of the same school of beating her on June 17. The accused had beaten the victim after she asked the record of NPR 132,931. The accused had kicked her on the belly.

During the meeting of the school management committee held on June 17, Karki had inquired about the income and expenditure details of 10,885 textbooks, 15,000 for skills, 15,000 for miscellaneous, 10,000 for audits, 9,000 for maintenance, 4,800 for scholarships, 12,000 for internet, and 34,596 for lunch.

The victim is also the former principal of the same school informed Sakuntala Khatri, chairperson of the school management committee.

‘During the meeting of the school management committee, the principal had a dispute over the issue of accounting, but I did not see him kicking her as I was away’, said Khatri in a phone call with the INSEC representative.

A complaint has been filed against the Poudel on June 18 at the District Police Office. Krishna Karki, husband of the victim, said that the victim was referred to Novel Hospital, Biratnagar by the District Hospital after she was suffering from stomach ache and urinary incontinence after the incident.

Inspector Shankar Prasad Chaudhary of the District Police Office said that the victim was taken to Novel Hospital, Biratnagar for treatment.

According to Inspector Chaudhary, the victim lodged a verbal complaint against the accused at the District Police Office on June 19.

Inspector Chaudhary has said that after the hospital discharges the victim, both the parties will take information about the incident and take legal action.

Taranath Phuyal