Suspect Arrested for Abetment of Suicide

  December 8, 2022 By: INSEC

Sudhan Sangraula, a resident of Jhapa District and Kathmandu Metropolitan City-4 Dhumbarahi, was arrested by the police on December 6 on the charge of inciting the suicide of Pushpa Neupane, 27, resident of Nuwakot and Kathmandu Metropolitan City-10.

The victim, Neupane, had set herself on fire in front of the accused’s house in Dhumbarahi on the evening of  December 4 and was pronounced dead on December 5 during treatment at Kirtipur Hospital.

The victim took this step after  Sangraula broke up their potential marriage that had been arranged three months before. Sangraula’s family announced the cancellation of their wedding on November 17.

In connection with the same incident, a complaint for abetment of suicide against the accused was filed at the Metropolitan Police Range Kathmandu on December 6.

According to the police, the marriage between  Pushpa, and Sudhan was fixed during a ceremony on September 6. According to the police, even though there was an agreement to get married within a year, both families decided not to get married after the relationship between the two became strained.

The Kathmandu Police Range said that the police arrested Sudhan in the case of abetment to suicide and proceeded with the investigation.

As per the complaint, ‘On December 3, the defendants came to the victim’s house at  Buddha Nagar saying that they wanted to cancel the marriage, they returned the ceremonial gifts that were given in the marriage fixing ceremony. They proceeded to mentally torture the family.

The day after the marriage broke up, Sudhan and his family called Pushpa to their house. It is also mentioned in the complaint that Pushpa repeatedly told the boy that she had no choice but to die.

Although the victim’s family has filed a complaint against Sudhan, his brother, and his parents, the district court has granted the term of imprisonment
only to Sudhan.

 INSEC Bagmati Province Office, Hetauda