Study affected after the school was padlocked

  October 8, 2018 By: INSEC

Teachers of Janajagriti Elementary School at Musikot Municipality-4 have padlocked the school after not getting the salary.

After the padlocking of the school, more than 100 students have been affected. One of the teacher Pabitra Bista said that the school will remain closed for indefinite time complaining the school management committee being apathetic on providing them salary. According to her, four teachers did not get the salary from the last 4 years.

“After not getting salary for one year, I could not work anymore said Bista. She added that the padlocking is to draw the attention of the concerned body about the condition.

Chairperson Harka Bahadur Bista of the School management committee said that teachers could not get the salary due to the lack of fund and discussion is being held regarding the situation. He added that the school do not have any source of income that is why this situation is created.


Manisha KC