Misbehaviour Against Students with the Excuse of Being Undisciplined

  July 12, 2022 By: INSEC

The teachers of Deurali Secondary School in Tila Rural Municipality-8, Jumlakot, have been accused of cutting the hair of four students of grade nine and misbehaving with them in front of their classmates for not following the discipline of the school.

According to the victim students, their hair was cut by their principal Ram Bhajan Yadav, who is also their social studies teacher.

The video of the principal cutting their hair and instructing the students to come to school in a proper uniform with neat hair has been posted on social media.

The students have complained that the teacher had forcibly grabbed their heads and cut their hair in the classroom in the name of not following the discipline.


The principal of the school, Ram Bhajan Yadav, said, “We have been reminding the long-haired students to cut their hair for weeks. However, 2-4 students did not follow the instruction and disobeyed us. We’ve cut their hair in the classroom to enforce discipline.”

According to Jhanamaya Khatri, Chief of Education Branch of Tila Rural Municipality, the students disobeying the teachers should not be treated that way.

She further added that there was no information regarding the incident and will get into the depth of the incident by talking to the principal of the school. After talking to him, we will come up with a conclusion.


Chief District Officer Bijay Kumari Prasai said that it is the duty of the teacher to make the students follow the discipline by adopting the child-friendly methods.

She said, “It is not necessary to post a video on social media for not following discipline. We will take information from the principal about this. ‘

The students have not lodged any complaint with anyone regarding the incident.

Mandatta Rawal