Students facing book crunch

  September 17, 2016 By: INSEC


The schools of the district are facing book crunch despite of commencement of academic year since five months.

Students are deprived of their right to study after the shortages in books. Students at standard nine of Aresh Secondary School at Aresh VDC-5 are facing shortages in geography books.

Student Khopi Ram Subedi at standard nine of Aresh secondary school, said that he does not even know what is being included in book as he does not have one. He is worried about the examination as he do not know what to write.

Similarly in National Secondary School at Jedbang VDC-8, there are shortages in population book. This has caused difficulties in study for the students according to the teacher Kulman Pun.

District Education Officer Chiranjibi Paudel said that the problem is in center. He added that the problem is not only in Rolpa but in other districts as well.




Madhav Kumar Oli