Students Faces Shortages in Course Book

  September 19, 2016 By: INSEC

The schools in the district are facing book crunches even after the commencement of academic year since five months.

The book crunch has deprived students from their right to education. More than 36 schools in northern part of the district are facing difficulties in their studies due to the lack of study books. However, study materials are dumped in headquarter and various shops in the village.

Dimple Rai at standard 10 of Salewa High School at Dobhane said that she is facing difficulties in study due to the book crunch. She further complained of school not showing any concern over their difficulties.

School teacher Sunila Rai of Jalpa Secondary school said that the school is compelled to operate examination knowing that students do not have books to study.

District Education Officer Sita Ram Shrestha said that this is not only problem of district but it is nationwide problem. He added that comparatively this district is having supply of books despite of lacking supply in few books.


Kiran Rai