Students Compelled to Take Annual Exams Despite Incomplete Syllabus

  March 27, 2023 By: INSEC

The students studying in Mahendra Sample High School Khalanga, and their parents have complained that the students are forced to take the annual examination without completing their syllabus.

In the annual examination which started on 21 March, despite the school not completing the syllabus of mathematics in grades seven, eight, and nine. The students complained that they had to take the annual exam based on incomplete studies.

Students complain that they have been deprived of their right to education due to the negligence of the school.

Students say that only three units out of the seven units of compulsory mathematics have been taught in section ‘F’ of grade nine.

According to one of the students, the grade nine units covering Algebra, geometry, statistics, probability, and trigonometry in the textbook have not been taught.

Damodar Joshi, the Assistant Principal of the school, says that the mathematics course in the grade nine section ‘F’could not be completed due to technical reasons.

“Due to the change of the teacher’s responsibilities, the entire course could not be completed, he said. He further added that the school  will prepare to teach the rest of the course at the beginning of the new academic session.”

Furthermore, in the same school section ‘E” of grade eight, out of 22 units in mathematics, unit nine and 22 have not been taught.

District Level Examination for grade eight students started on 22 March. The students complain that out of the 20 units of computer education, unit 18, 19, and 20 have not been covered by the school. The same problem extends to courses in grade seven and grade six.

Damodar Joshi, the Assistant Principal, said that he is only aware of the incomplete syllabus of grade nine section ‘F’.

The principal of the school, Ram Dutt Joshi, explained that the current academic session was delayed by a month, and due to the two elections, the education of the school was also affected and the course of the students was not completed.

About 3,000 students are currently studying in the school. The school hasn’t been able to appoint teachers as per the student-teacher ratio.

Mahakali Municipal School Inspector, Hemraj Joshi,  said that at the beginning of the current academic session, the school had informed that the teaching was delayed and the course could not be completed due to various reasons including elections and the Covid pandemic.

The polling station and the vote count were held in the school. School Inspector Jashi said that due to the lack of teachers in the school, they couldn’t cover the lost classes.

Narendra Singh Karki