Students compelled to study under the open sky

  November 23, 2016 By: INSEC

The students of She hanuman Bishwonath Janata government primary school of Bathnaha VDC-6 are compelled to study under the open sky due to the lack of reconstruction work of the building which was established in 1953. This has made the students to study outside in a cold winter. At least 222 students of the school are compelled to study under the open sky.


The open excrete-free campaign is operating in the district however the toilet of the school is in bad condition and even hand water pump is also not working. No one has taken initiation to improve the condition of the school, not even District Education Office. In this school, children from Musahar and Muslim community are studying.


Principal Tirtha Nath Jha said that there are posts for four teachers however only two of them are working and other two are temporarily working somewhere else. The students are facing difficulties in their studies due to the bad condition of the school building.



Ajaya Kumar Shah